101 Uses For A Bandana

Bandanas are exceptionally useful for all Rangers, which is why they’re part of every Branch Uniform.

You can get official Monster Ranger bandanas here!

Here are 101 uses for a bandana:

  1. Neck Scarf – Fixes being too hot, too cold, too sunburned. Soak it in water on hot days to cool down the “hot neck”.
  2. Hat – Wear it “pirate style” when you need to contain your top. Tie a knot in each corner to make it fit.
  3. Signal Flag – Wave it about when you need help. Ask any Signal Ranger, they have training.
  4. Blindfold – Great for when you capture Plug Uglies and don’t want them to know where the Base Camp is located. Or, if you need to sleep in, and you don’t need the morning sun in your eyes.
  5. Knife Whip – Tie your knife to the end to combat Plug Uglies. (Intimidation)
  6. Sling – Sometimes Rangers get hurt in the field; our FULL-SIZED bandanas are large enough to really work.
  7. Sling 2 – Put a rock in your bandana, and swing it around wildly – then release – for a classic medieval style sling. (See?! Every Ranger has a weapon!)
  8. Sling 3 – Wrap it around your hiking staff, so you don’t drop it.
  9. Rag – Carry several, so that you have a rag to wipe off your greasy face, tool, or engine block.
  10. Water Filter – It won’t wipe out microscopic bugs, but it can be used for the first stage of getting big junk out of your water.
  11. Bindle – Of course, it’s the classic ingredient in a Hobo Bindle; Just add a stick!
  12. Wash Cloth – Keep one to wipe down your face – and body – to keep in clean when you’re at camp. Nobody likes “Stench Ranger”. (Not a Branch.)
  13. Bookmark – Don’t lose track where you left off in that handbook.
  14. Trail Marker – Tie it around a bush or tree to make the trail more obvious for the Rangers that follow. Can also be used to fake out Plug Uglies. (But tell the other Rangers in your Party, first.)
  15. Ice Pack – Throw some ice or frozen peas into your bandana, wrap it up, and you’ve got a very serviceable ice pack. The ink on our bandanas is totally waterproof, so don’t worry.
  16. Napkin – Yep, you’ve got a napkin right there around your neck, so use it.
  17. BibSee above. You’re basically wearing a bib when you’re wearing your neckerchief.
  18. Dust Mask – Pull it over your nose to protect yourself from the Haboob (dust storm.) Remember; Rangers don’t do crime. Don’t do crime.
  19. Plug Ugly Shackles – Get your bandana wet, twist it into a rope, then tie up the Plug Ugly behind their back. It’ll work in a pinch.
  20. Hobble a Pack Animal – They can be used to keep your pack animal tied up.
  21. Rope – Combine your bandanas with those in your Party, to form an impromptu rope.
  22. Monster Muzzle – Sometimes Monsters bite; make a muzzle to reduce more injury.
  23. Cough CoverDon’t spread the illness, Ranger. Cover that cough!
  24. Dish Scrub – Hey, dishes have to be washed, and your bandana makes a good wash rag.
  25. Silencer – Tie up items that rattle, so you can sneak better you Crow.
  26. Dish Drier – You can use another one to dry off the dishes… use a clean one though.
  27. Bolas – Tie 2 ends of the bandana to weights (padlocks, metal beads) and then swing over head; release to tangle foes.
  28. Pot Holder – Really useful at camp, especially when you use cast iron like we do!
  29. Coffee Filter / Tea Strainer – Ask a Dark Librarian; they know.
  30. Biscuit Caddy – You’ve gotta transport those biscuits and keep them clean and fresh, wrap em in a bandana!
  31. Open A Stuck Jar – Wrap around the lid for more grip!
  32. Placemat – Makes the camp table a bit fancier, especially during the holidays.
  33. Mini Parachute – Sometimes Scare Force Pilots need to drop messages and small packages out of their biplanes; this helps to keep them from crashing to the ground.
  34. Kindling Binding – Tie a few bandanas together to bind up small twigs and sticks; you’ll be able to carry far more.
  35. Patch – Sew it in when you need a patch in a bind.
  36. Boot Shine – Use one to shine up your boots! The High Eye is coming!
  37. Fish Net – Can be used to catch bait or very small fish like Minnows.
  38. Signal Kite – Make a signal kite and use the wind to get your flag higher!
  39. Belt – Sometimes your belt breaks; tie a couple together to make one quick.
  40. Headband – Keeps the sweat out of your eyes. I wear mine under my big Ranger Campaign hat so that it fits better.
  41. Bandage – Don’t get hurt, but when you do, a bandana can help.
  42. Berry Catch – When you’re collecting wild edibles, you need some place to store them.
  43. Blade Cloth – To oil up your adventure knife and hatchet. Don’t use it for anything else.
  44. Eye Patch – Protect that injured eye!
  45. Earmuffs – Probably not amazing, but better than nothing on a chilly night of watch.
  46. Measurement – Each bandana is 27 inches wide; measure space in “bandanas”, then multiply by 27 for inches.
  47. Gift Wrap – It’s wrapping AND a gift, too. No waste.
  48. Sap – Fill with rocks, tie into a bundle, and swing it at those Plug Uglies.
  49. Char Cloth – For when you absolutely need to start a fire, and have nothing else.
  50. Pillow – In the Wilds, you don’t have a lot of choices; fill it with leaves and get comfortable.
  51. Message – Write a message on it, and leave it behind for other Rangers to find. Or, keep important notes on it.
  52. Gas Cap – If the Jeep loses it’s cap, you can use a bandana for a temporary cap. (Keeps the vapor from evaporating.) Just be careful!
  53. Hound Collar – A lot of Rangers have canine assistants; they look great wearing a bandana, and it gives you something to hold on to.
  54. Hair Tie – Keep your hair out of your eyes with a ponytail.
  55. Flashlight Hanger – You can tie your flashlight up and hang it from the top of your tent.
  56. Disguise – You can blend in with the other bandits, so you can infiltrate their base.
  57. Sponge – Works well to move small amounts of liquid about.
  58. Insole – You can fold them into your boots to make those blisters more comfortable.
  59. Bug Swatter – Shoo fly, don’t !#&$ with me.
  60. Smoke Signal – Wet the bandana, then use it to “gather” and release the smoke plumes.
  61. Poultice – Wrap in medicine and apply to soreness and inflammation.
  62. Distract a Charging Monster – Works really well for Minotaurs, though you’ve gotta dodge quick!
  63. Flag Down – Can be used on the side of the road, or even trying to get a Scareforce Pilot’s attention.
  64. Bridle – Use a couple to make an improvised bridal for horse or goat or minotaur.
  65. Wristband – Always handy, and keeps the sweat at bay. Add some tea tree oil to it to repel mosquitos.
  66. Apron – Tie it into your belt loops, keep the trousers clean.
  67. Magic Trick – A lot of the Conjure Guard can make things disappear under the bandana.
  68. Sun Block – Tie to a nearby bush to block the sun out of your face.
  69. Pain Chomp – Bite down on it instead of screaming in pain.
  70. Backpack Strap Pads – If your arms are chafing, wrap bandanas around the arm bands.
  71. Toilet Paper – No, no… not ideal… but if you’re having an emergency it just might help.
  72. Padding – For fragile items in your pack/crate.
  73. Hot Wrap – For those super hot dishes around the camp pyre.
  74. Tree Line Setter – Bind a stone and tie a line over the bandana; throw it over tree limb.
  75. Bundle – Store tiny items (like nuts and bolts, gems/change) by tying them up in a little bundle.
  76. Tear Wipe – If you need to cry, it’s alright (Rangers cry); use the bandana to wipe the tears away.
  77. Net – Tie the four corners to a stick, and use to net up fish/spiders/will-o-whips.
  78. Sick Rag – Rub menthol rub on it and place it on your chest as you sleep.
  79. Makeup Remover – After a long day, the bandana is a handy way to get cleaned up.
  80. Magic Rock Wrap – Keep your Magic Rock clean and protected by wrapping it up.
  81. Knee Pad – When you’ve gotta work on the ground, for a while; double each one up for more padding.
  82. Lashing – Great to lash stuff down from the wind and weather.
  83. Compress – Constant pressure on the wound.
  84. Tool Grip – Any Clocktalker will tell you that sometimes you need to wrap the handle of your tool/axe/hammer to prevent blisters.
  85. Hot Rock Wrap – Put stones in a fire (maybe even your Magic Rock) and wrap in your bandana to stay warm at night.
  86. Boot Laces – Either wrap your whole boot closed, or tear you bandana up into small strips for new laces.
  87. Goggle Wipe – Keep one to wipe off your glasses; ScareForce use them to keep their goggles clean.
  88. Hankie – Sneezes happen, but they don’t need to happen on everyone.
  89. Tourniquet – Stop that bleeding. (Twist around a stick, if necessary to make it really tight.)
  90. Tether – Great for cord storage or tethering equipment together. Rangers are neat!
  91. Leak Plug – If you’ve got a hose leak, a bandana tied around it makes a good temporary fix.
  92. Molotov Cocktail – Use the bandana (with a jar of fuel) as a wick for your danger-bomb. Only recommended in dire circumstances. (Adults only! Dangerous!)
  93. Strap – Maybe you need a strap for something (like a guitar, rifle). Tie a couple of bandanas together to form a strap.
  94. Tree Line Setter – Bind a stone and tie a line over the bandana; throw it over tree limb.
  95. Feet Dryer – After walking through a river, use to get your feet dry.
  96. Sitting Cloth – Stay clean and dry by sitting on a bandana instead of that nasty log.
  97. Gaiters – Tie around the legs above the boot to protect from burrs, cactus, and bugs from slipping in.
  98. Pasta Strainer – When you’re in the Wilds, you may need to strain your pasta/food.
  99. Belt Pouch – Fold into a pouch and tie on your belt to store small stuff.
  100. Camp Mug Holder – Tie up your camp mug to your belt.
  101. Snare – Use bandana to make a little snare trap.
  102. Headache Relief – Put hot water on bandana, then place on the back of the neck for relief.
  103. Guyline Marker – Tie strips of bandana to tent guylines so that folks stop tripping over them.
  104. Windsock – Use the bandana to determine wind direction and power. Plan tent placement around future winds.
  105. Snow Goggles – Lash 2 around your head, one just above and one just below you eyes to avoid snow blindness.
  106. Soot Mask – Get bandana damp and wear over the mouth and nose to resist smoke and soot.
  107. Garrote – Use to sneak behind and strangle really bad Plug Uglies.
  108. Field Map – Draw a map on your bandana, so you can find your way back.

You can get official Monster Ranger bandanas here!

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