There are a good number of Branches of the Monster Rangers. We all started as Crow Rangers back in 1903 with Baron Davis leading us, but over the years more specialized types of Monster Rangers were invented.

None are more important than another; they are simply different, with different skills and focuses.

Your Uniform

Of course, this is just the beginning of the different Ranger uniforms available. Please feel free to create your own uniform, mixing and matching elements as you see fit. Just make sure that there’s a great story behind your uniform, and you’ll be fine. (And no, you don’t have to check with us first!)

Dapper Mission

The Dapper Badge can be earned by wearing and documenting your uniform. Learn more, here!

Cargo Tiger

The Monster Rangers Organization also owns the nation’s first shipping company, “Cargo Tiger”. It was started as a way to transport monsters, supplies and Ranger gear across the patchwork road system of the United States. Cargo Tiger also moves packages for a fee, and has a fleet of 27 dented shipping trucks, 88 mule drawn [...]


Clocktalkers are the oily-fingered mechanics of the Monster Rangers; they maintain and repair Scare Force Biplanes, crawl through the boilers of Sea Ranger Vessels, and keep mechanical creatures such as the Automats in good health. They value hard work, knowledge of mechanical systems, strength and a strong work ethic. They have invented a kind of energy [...]

Conjure Guard

The Conjure Guard our the mystic protectors of our order, and have been since the beginning. They focus on “Witch Stitches,” a systematic warding system – utilizing thread and needle – that draws upon the power of nature, intent, and our connection to one another. Nicknames “The Guard” “BlackHats” Most Conjure Guard Know that we [...]


The Crows were the first Ranger Branch, named after the Crows that were on the Black Acre Farm. Crows are known to be guides between Monstru and Obscuria, and are mystical creatures. In fact, Baron Davis called all of the first Rangers "Crows". Crows (the Branch) have evolved over time to be the Tricksters of [...]

Dark Librarians

The Dark Librarians study, catalog, and protect the knowledge of the Monster Rangers. They are the arcane repositories of legends, stories, information, and even Formulae. Some feel that they are miserly in sharing their information, but knowledge is power, and power should be restrained, studied and understood. Most of the Dark Librarians live and work [...]

Doom Mimes

The Doom Mimes are the secret police of the Monster Rangers. They are easy to identify because of their antique Mime masks, striped sleeves, and Mime Badge. Have no illusions, the Doom Mimes are no clowns. They are the “fixers”, “assisting” troubled Barrows, “advising” lackadaisical Rangers in danger of losing their Membership, “dealing” with Branch [...]

Monster Medics

The Monster Medics treat both Monster and Manling alike, helping them stay healthy and fit. They are experts in monster venoms, medicines, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of monster attack methods. Some say their Med Kits contain as many poisons as medicines. Nicknames "Doktor" "Alchemist" "Dark One" "Sire" Most Monster Medics Are excellent surgeons Study [...]


There is a world BEYOND our own vision perceived by the third eye where time and space are overlapped and the dead speak; this is the realm of the Psychic Rangers. The BEYOND is yet another veil of Obscuria, pierced only by the Third Eye of the Psychic Ranger. The Psychic Rangers serve the Order [...]


The Rangers are the core branch of the Monster Rangers. They can identify, catalog, and track most of the known monsters that walk on land. Nicknames “Danger Rangers” “Dapper Mappers” Most Rangers Are determined and of tough mental fortitude Are fantastic trackers. Enjoy getting up early, and seeing the sun rise Go on Vision Quests once [...]

Scare Force

The Scare Force is our premier sky fighting unit, scanning the horizon from their trusty biplanes and dirigibles. They know the most about avian beasts and weather, and no soul questions their bravery or daring. Nicknames “Wingers” “Wings” “The Bats” Most Scare Force Officers Are brave Drive fast or faster Are daredevils Like taking chances [...]

Sea Rangers

The Sea Rangers bravely patrol the oceans of the world, both above and below. These brave men, women, and monsters take their role very seriously, as they are responsible for 2/3 of the earth and they face many dangers in their travels. Nicknames “Bells” “Brass” Most Sea Rangers Love the beauty of the Sea Know [...]

Secret Rangers

The Secret Rangers are simply Rangers in real life... hidden among the Nodds but showing enough of our Colors that they are recognized by others in the know. They are "Rangers Incognito." Any Monster Ranger in real life situations, is a Secret Ranger. Nicknames “Incogs” Most Secret Rangers Have another real Branch affiliation Can't go [...]

Signal Rangers

The Signal Rangers are the messengers and protectors of “Old Orange,” our pennant. They lead Calamity Parades, give tours, and generally shine our colors far and wide. The Signal Rangers lead our Banner ceremonies, and give New Ranger tours at MONSTRO CAMPS. They also team up with Conjure Guard members to form "Radiomancer" teams to [...]

Skull Rangers

The Skull Rangers are an ancient sect of Monster Rangers, that predate our organization by at least 500 years. Founded by Joh Woefix, the Skull Rangers are concerned with the care and feeding of our Bloodless (undead) friends: the Haunts, Embalma, Vampires, and even the horrid Rotters – who remain un-redeemable. Skull Rangers are known [...]

Yokai Rangers

The Yokai Rangers are very specialized in the lore of the Yokai, the traditional spirit creatures of Japan, along with the Kaiju, gigantic monsters who sometimes destroy cities. It is a vast field, as there are thousands of different regional Yokai across Japan, and requires specialization. (In our bastardization, "Kaiju" is implied in any mention [...]