Code of Conduct

These words have evolved over the years, first put down in Baron Davis in one of his old raggedy journals.

All Monster Rangers are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct:

– I shall hurt neither Monster or Man.
– I will behave with Uncommon Sense.
– I pledge to have fun with my Ranger friends, imaginary or not.
– I shall laugh first at myself.
– I will celebrate my flaws, oddities and broken nature.
– I will strive to make the 2 worlds less ungood.

Now, sometimes we don’t always meet the standards, but we’ve got to keep on trying.

About The Author

Steam Crow

Daniel has a lifelong fascination with Monsters, Halloween, illustration, pen & paper rpgs, collecting miniatures, watching movies, and listening to and playing music. He's been a graphic designer since 1994; Monster Rangers is a culmination of all of his personal projects in one. He lives in Arizona with Dawna and Goblin, and runs the Steam Crow.

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