The Crows were the first Ranger Branch, named after the Crows that were on the Black Acre Farm. Crows are known to be guides between Monstru and Obscuria, and are mystical creatures. In fact, Baron Davis called all of the first Rangers “Crows”.

Crows (the Branch) have evolved over time to be the Tricksters of the Monster Rangers. They are sneaky, have a great sense of humor, and love doing practical jokes. Their role in the Rangers is one of an actual scout; they can hide and sneak around like no other; their realm is stealth.


  • “the Crows”
  • “Crowscouts”
  • “Beaks”

Most Crows

  • Have a sharp eye and a sharp wit
  • Play practical jokes on Rangers, Monsters, and especially other Crows
  • Enjoy the outdoors, playing games, and having fun
  • Know that being a TROLLA is the worst kind of monster
  • Laugh at others as much as themselves
  • Can sneak around unseen and unheard

Some Crows

  • Take things a little too far, and are despised by others (Don’t be like that)
  • Are mentally unstable
  • Take their role literally, dressing like a Crow
  • Have more fun than anyone else


  • Uniform Shirt
  • Beaked helmet/hat
  • Orange Neckerchief
  • Skull Neckerchief slide
  • Black outer cloak (with black feathers sewn in)


It’s unknown if the Crows make any sort of resource at this time.

Pick One:

  • Satchel with Patches
  • Sash with Patches
  • Cloak with Patches


The Crows are lead by Daniel & Dawna Davis, current leaders of the Monster Rangers.

About The Author

Steam Crow

Daniel has a lifelong fascination with Monsters, Halloween, illustration, pen & paper rpgs, collecting miniatures, watching movies, and listening to and playing music. He's been a graphic designer since 1994; Monster Rangers is a culmination of all of his personal projects in one. He lives in Arizona with Dawna and Goblin, and runs the Steam Crow.

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