Cussin and Such

Cussin and Such

Cussin and Such

Monster Rangers are a respectable lot, doing the public service of Believing, Studying, and Protecting Monsters.

But, sometimes cuss words slip out, and we understand that. (Especially when you hang out with Sea Rangers, or when a Clocktalker hits his thumb with a hammer.)

Here are some curse words we’ve heard Monster Rangers say over the years:

BEJABBERS – The “dickens”.
COCK-SPROCKET – A Clocktalker insult for a poor mechanic, or a big talker.
CONSARN IT  – “Damn it”.
DAD-SIZZLE – You know, like “dadgum, dad-blast, dad-rat, dad-seize, dad-swamp”.
DAGNABBIT – “Gawd damn it”.
FOPDOODLE – Dumb person who makes poor choices.
GADZOOKS – An exclamation of surprise or annoyance.
HOOEY – Used to express disapproval or disbelief. “That’s a full load of hooey!”
JACKWAGON – “Worthless, lazy”.
JACKHOLE – A person who goes out of their way to make things bad for everyone else.
LICKFINGER – A person who sucks up to someone for positive attention.
POTSBLITZ – Upon my soul.
SARD – Old time “f-word”.
SCOBBERLOTCHER – A lazy jackhole who never works hard.
SKIDBROOK – “Shite stream”.
THUNDERATION – An exclamation of surprise, agitation or petulance.
WAESUCKS – “Horror”, “Pity”, “Sorrow”.
ZOOTERKINS – Surprise or anger; a mild oath.
ZOUNDERKITE – A complete idiot.

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Steam Crow

Daniel has a lifelong fascination with Monsters, Halloween, illustration, pen & paper rpgs, collecting miniatures, watching movies, and listening to and playing music. He's been a graphic designer since 1994; Monster Rangers is a culmination of all of his personal projects in one. He lives in Arizona with Dawna and Goblin, and runs the Steam Crow.

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