Custom Ranger LEGO Minifigs

Crazy Bricks (maker and film effects guy Guy Himber) has made these 2 custom Lego Minifigs of Marrow Thatch and our Nosferatu!


IF you want to see these hit production (via a future Kickstarter) we have to let Crazy Bricks know!

He’s how you can help:

  1. Leave a comment on our forum, letting Crazy Bricks know that you’d buy a set of these.
  2. Leave a message on the Crazy Bricks Facebook page. “I want Monster Rangers minifigs!” or “I want Steam Crow Minifigs” or something like that. (Make up your own wording please.)
  3. Best: do both!

If we can convince Crazy Bricks that we’re interested (I certainly am!) then maybe they can get the Kickstarter launched!


About The Author

Steam Crow

Daniel has a lifelong fascination with Monsters, Halloween, illustration, pen & paper rpgs, collecting miniatures, watching movies, and listening to and playing music. He's been a graphic designer since 1994; Monster Rangers is a culmination of all of his personal projects in one. He lives in Arizona with Dawna and Goblin, and runs the Steam Crow.

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these are so kool…i have a might need!

I also have a mighty need! These are awesome!

That mighty need continues. Definitely want that Nosferatu to go along with my coffee shirt.

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