Doom Mimes

Doom Mimes

The Doom Mimes are the secret police of the Monster Rangers. They are easy to identify because of their antique Mime masks, striped sleeves, and Mime Badge.

Have no illusions, the Doom Mimes are no clowns.

They are the “fixers”, “assisting” troubled Barrows, “advising” lackadaisical Rangers in danger of losing their Membership, “dealing” with Branch conflicts and Ranger bullies, and making particularly dangerous Monsterologists “disappear.” Some call these mysterious masked Rangers “assassins” though that is certainly not the word they would use. Many consider them the most dangerous Branch, though it’s debatable, since their true number are not public knowledge.

This Sect of the Monster Rangers is special because membership is invite-only; experienced, tough and highly respected Rangers are the only ones ever invited to join. Membership is also secret; their “true” day-to-day persona are never revealed, and each is always “Officer #13.”


  • “Maskers”
  • “Silent Ones”
  • “Smiles”

Most Doom Mimes

  • Never reveal their true identities
  • Appear one at a time
  • Have another active Ranger Persona that they also practice
  • Can stand perfectly still and move silently
  • Are able to replicate another’s movements, convincingly
  • Hate being called “Clowns”
  • Know 100 ways to make you cry using their steel batons
  • Very rarely lose their badge due to dishonor


Doom Mime Animation


Some Doom Mimes

  • Have hundreds of masks
  • Show up in threes, if the danger level is extreme
  • Die in the service to the Monster Rangers
  • Are excellent tumblers
  • Have snuck into Monsterologist Facilities
  • Have little love for modern technology
  • Have broken every bone in their body
  • Survive long enough to retire and become members of the Senior Staff.

Mask Examples



  • Uniform Shirt
  • Striped sleeves
  • An armored mask
  • A baton
  • A book of our Bylaws
  • An orange or black bandana
  • Black trousers
  • A envelope hat


The Doom Mimes know how to distill “Phena”, an extract of pure emotion. It is used in potions, Psychic readings, ceremonies, and salves. Folks generally don’t ask where Phena comes from,  but many whisper about it being a side result of torture sessions.


The Doom Mimes are lead by “Number 377”, an imposing figure of grace and danger. His/her office is – REDACTED -. Number 377 will find you, if you need him/her.


The Doom Mimes were founded in 1909 by “Officer 1”, an imposing figure of grace and danger.

Doom Mimes Mask Variations
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