How did you find us?

How did you find us?

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    Steam Crow

    Let us know how you discovered the Monster Rangers and Steam Crow. We love hearing these stories! Tell us! Caw!


    Monster Ranger

    I found you guys at Salt Lake Comic Con. I saw the giant posters and was drawn in. We spent a lot of time there talking to Daniel and Dawna and fell in love with all that Monster Rangers are!!


    Natalie Slaughter
    Monster Ranger

    Mine’s kind of an odd story. I was at San Diego Comic Con this year but somehow managed to miss y’all’s booth entirely. As I was wandering around I bumped into someone in the crowd who had on a button up shirt with some hexagonal patches sewed onto the chest, up around the upper left hand shoulder. I had no idea what they were, but they looked super cool. Didn’t talk to the guy, have no idea who he was, we just bumped into each other in a crowd and moved on.

    When I went home I googled “hexagon scout patch” and eventually found the (then) Monster Scouts website. The rest is history!


    K. Burd
    Monster Ranger

    Denver comic con ’17! I had bought Steam Crow art several years back, and always had it displayed on my desk…and then my buddy showed up at our usual group night with a Monster Medics patch on his vest…I vowed to find the rad booth it had come from, and so I did!


    Bought a print from Steam Crow many many years ago at San Diego Comic Con. However, it wasn’t until WonderCon 2017 when I found out that the camps were real. That was the big sell for me to become a Ranger. Attended the California Shindig and had a blast! Hope to attend many more in the future.


    Audra Mearns
    Monster Ranger

    Emerald City Comicon – same as Billy, that beautiful pumpkin drew me in.


    Holly Woosey
    Monster Ranger

    I stumbled upon you at SDCC, The HUUUGE stall with all the monster prints, bags and someone dressed in an awesome Monster Ranger outfit caught my eye. I wandered over to just have a browse and I remember Dawna sat down in the corner having a break. I was just sort of hovering around and she asked me if I was okay, we chatted for a while about your whole set up, and I kinda fell in love with everything she was saying and her as a person too!! I got a ‘We need you!’ card, and imediatly signed up. Id already spent all my money for the weekend so I was pretty bummed I couldnt buy anything, but wanted to say thanks to Dawna cause If she hadnt of been so awesome (we talked alot about crafting!) I probably wouldnt of been interested.


    Katherine Thompson
    Monster Ranger

    Met Daniel at Houston’s Comicpalooza.


    Brandy Houghtaling
    Monster Ranger

    I found Steam Crow via Gaia Online. I was talking to some random person in a thread. I mentioned I live in Arizona and Phoenix Comicon. They had told me they go to PCC as well and how they loved Steam Crow. So the following con, I made note to go to the Steam Crow booth since the name was interesting. What I found was awesomeness. Since I didn’t have much money, I just picked up a pair of goggles (I finally gave them away only because I got a new pair from a Kickstarter).

    As for the Monster Rangers, I learned about it via Phoenix Comicon once more. When they were having the first rally and it was announced in the schedule, I decided to look it up (of course it was under the original name of Steam Crow Scouts). I fell in love with the group and never turned back.


    Monster Ranger

    I found the Monster Rangers via the Kickstarter for 2017!

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