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    Monster Ranger

    from our last episode… 

    The Rangers arrived one by one at the Barter Circle and were mostly minding their own business when suddenly a Minotaur starts stampeding through. With the combined task of subduing him AND attempting to minimize the damage (will somebody PLEASE think of the tea sets!!!!).

    There were valiant attempts and some questionable ones.


    Ophelia manged to put on the goggles on the Minotaur!!! Thus creating an advantage for the intrepid group of Rangers!

    With 3 Fails and 3 Successes so far. Gonna slightly adjust the goals instead of 6 Fails or 10 Successes the new numbers are 5 Fails OR 7 Successes. 

    Turn Order is still:

    1. Ophelia
    2. Mecha-Takeda
    3. Sam
    4. Crevan
    5. Stiches

    Mecha its your turn please try to post by 7PM PST tomorrow otherwise I have to pass the turn to Sam.


    Monster Ranger

    Sam? It’s your turn now.


    Monster Ranger

    Crevan? it’s your turn now.


    Monster Ranger

    Seeing the goggled up Minotaur, Crevan snuck through the crowd, grabbing a cast off rope. As he neared the Minotaur he started to let the rope loosen up and he ran around the Minotaur. The rope looped around its hooves, after several times around Crevan dropped the rope and ducked away behind a tree, hidden from sight.

    (stealth +3, 6, 5,4)


    Monster Ranger


    and with a loud thud the Minotaur hits the ground hard.

    The crowd is finally settled down and some of the stores have started cleaning up. When you hear a cry for “Heeeeeeeelp!”

    An Automaton is trapped in some boxes and could use some assistance.

    GM: Stitches? Its your turn.

    Success: 4 Fails: 3


    (Sorry, hadn’t realized the forum had been put back together )

    Stitches had begun to pick her way to the minotaur to check on him but the cry for help diverts her attention. She pivots on one foot and makes her way to the boxes, where she begins to roll or pick them up.

    ((I can’t remember the dice rolls. I rolled a d6 3 times. 5,3,2 with no strength modifier)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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