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    Monster Ranger

    Hullo, all. My name is M, and I’m an archaeologist-turned-archivist/public historian living in Detroit. I like coffee, dogs, spooky stuff, and old stuff–the weirder the better.


    Monster Ranger

    Hi I’m Jenn, I’ve been following the Scouts for a few years, walked away with the brochure more times than I can count. I just cleaned out my car, found one and ran to the computer. Here I am.


    Monster Ranger

    Hallo! I’m Jean/JD, nice to meet ya~
    I’m some spooky dweeb from Texas who watches too many cartoons and wears too much black and is way too aggressive at board games.
    I have a degree in business and a degree in mortuary science! I’m now a communist who dislikes the burial industry! Hooray! So instead I sell people coffee and I’m planning a bunch of novellas and short stories about spookums that I really need to break my writers’ block and put on paper.
    I enjoy wearing tiny shorts and hiking in the wee hours of the morning because it’s too dang hot around here to do it at a decent time of day. I also like to try to look for monsters while I do it, but mostly I just find cute snakes and birds. They are equally nice, though I fear being bitten by a snake a little more than being bitten by a chupacabra.
    I’m a little witchy beernerd too. Ægir would be proud of me.

Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)

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