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    Steam Crow

    This is where you can post links to proof that you completed Mission 6 Song. If you can add the song here, do it. Otherwise, link to it on another hosting service.


    Kevin Gilbert
    Monster Ranger

    I’ve already earned my badge but I finally reworked my song to reflect the name change so here’s the link.


    Monster Rangers Anthem

    From the shores of Okeechobee

    To the depths of Lake Champlain

    Over top the rugged Smokies

    And across these fruited plains

    Every Boggra, Crone, and Kelpie

    Every Haunt and Feratu

    Go revel in your monsterhood

    We’re here protecting you!

    Monster Rangers, shout!

    Monster Rangers, shout!

    Every monster can rest easy

    Since they know that we’re about!

    Monster Rangers, shout!

    Monster Rangers, shout!

    We’ll explore, protect, and study

    Every monster hereabout!


    Rich Sigfrit
    Monster Ranger

    Here is the updated version of the Monster Rangers promo I made (the previous one was Monster Scouts)!  This promo is in rotation at geekradiodaily.com and if you have a podcast, feel free to download it and give it some play!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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