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    Steam Crow

    Post images/photos of your Mission 7 Art here! I want to see it, and other Rangers do, too!


    Cameron Wadey
    Monster Ranger


    Earl is an adventurous sort of monster, but due to his lack of a brain, he can be (obviously) absent minded which sometimes results in him having the same adventures over & over again, because he can’t remember that he already did it. But he doesn’t let that stop him, and he wants all Monsters & Rangers to keep dreaming & adventuring.
    (I posted this on the Scouts page when I did it, and I already got my badge, but thought I would re-post it here so it wasn’t lost forever.  Because I am still pretty proud of it.)


    Charles Turnbow
    Monster Ranger

    Ack. Finally got around to posting this. Last year I was in a Ceramics course, and we were making slab mugs, which are ceramic mugs made by rolling out and cutting slabs, making a cylinder with one and using that to cut a base with another slab. We were also tasked with making designs on each one. I tried using a process called mishima, where you carve into the clay and use a different color of clay as a sort of inlay.

    It’s not how I would have liked it, but some of the witch stitches for Body, Mind, and Spirit are around the base if you squint a little.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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