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    Steam Crow

    Greetings, Practitioner, welcome to our shadowed Ward. No, there are no patients here… this place is for us. Pull up a chair, and pull off your masque, and have a drink. (No, no, not the red one.)

    This is our place to discuss the concerns of our hallowed order.


    Randi Heckadon
    Monster Ranger

    **looks around taking it all in**


    Loving the new on-call room, the cauldrons are bubbling and the treats are yummy! CAW!


    Ronald Conner
    Monster Ranger

    I love what you’ve done with the place.


    Ivan Moore
    Monster Ranger

    I am really enjoying working on my uniform and story. When I started out I didn’t know exactly what I wanted…but as I started picking bits out, it really started to gel. Anyone else still working on uniforms or accessories?


    Michael Drollinger
    Monster Ranger

    Hello fellow Monster Medics. I am brand new to the Monster Rangers, but this branch definitely caught my eye. I am currently in nursing school and will graduate almost exactly a year from now. Looking forward to helping with any medical/nursing/wellness related activities as well as with first aid duties at camping events. 🙂


    Herr Doktor Jungling
    Monster Ranger

    Working on my uniform and needed a little caffeine, so I thought I’d share a little pick-me-up tonic with my medic friends … Good for monster and manling alike!



    Monster Ranger

    Hello I’m new to the ward here.  Can someone volunteer to give me a tour?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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