How to Patina Obscuros

Obscuros (kinda like “Euros”) are brass monster coins, and used by monsters as their money across all of Obscuria.

They are really made out of brass, but as antique coins go, they are a rather too shiny and new for my tastes. But, since they’re made out of brass, it’s really easy to give them a real-world patina.

You Will Need

Add vinegar and a dash of salt to the bag. Add coins. Shake it up to dissolve some of the salt.

Remove coins and put them on a non-important surface to dry. (The surface will get some greenish disks from the corrosion on the coins, so don’t do it on the family kitchen table.)

If you want light corrosion, dab off some of the vinegar with the paper towels.

Rinse when they’re where you want them, and allow them to dry. (On a paper towel bed.)

Finish with a coat of Spray Lacquer. I really like this stuff, and use it for lots of other things too.

Here are mine

They are quite colorful, with blooms of green, pure copper, and rust. Don’t worry, you can wipe off some of it, if it goes too far.

The longer that you soak, the more corroded your coins will become. I suggest a couple of hours, though mine went over night and are quite corroded.

NOTE: It is vitally important that you coat your finished coins in lacquer. Corrosion like this isn’t good for you, but trapping it under a layer of finish will separate you from it. So, coat your coins.

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Caw! I used to patina copper and brass with ammonia, salt, and sawdust/wood shavings. Just make the sawdust semi-damp with ammonia and put everything in a ziplock bag.

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