Tales & Legends

Tales and Legends

We believe in the power of story; here are some Legends and Tales of Obscuria.


It came at night. It was a bird. A Crow. But it wasn’t like the other crows from the farm. It was big. It was all bone and claw, but bulky, as if it had something hidden beneath it’s ample black robes. It cackled at me. But I was not afraid. There was nothing to […]

Warlock Stick of Majik

ARCHIVE OF THE DARK LIBRARIANS, Artifact Number #115712-C38 The Warlock Stick of Majik was first discovered hanging from the branches of a bone white tree on October 10, 1913 by Ranger Lex Barthule. (Somewhere outside of Monstervania.) It was believed to have been used by Klekk Stangle of Baron Davis' unit, during World War I, [...]

Imaginary Friend

From the desk of Major Applecart, L.O.M.E.°: For your consideration, a rare corporeal example of an often neglected monster subgroup: The Imaginary Friend. Little Margot has discovered the joyous company of her new friend Aloysius J. Hamfish III, an extremely caring and protective Imaginary Friend. Imaginary Friends are close kin to leprechauns and faeries; Where [...]

Barter Circles

BARTER CIRCLES Since the beginning of time, impromptu Monster Markets have sprung up in neutral zones throughout Obscuria – typically wilderness locations far from the prying eyes of Nodds. Some say that the first ones to spring up were Trolla Wrestling Bazaars, while others claim that Faerie Faires were surely first, while Goblins claim that [...]

Log Monster Ceremony

Log Monsters is a tradition of MONSTRO CAMPS, which we do during the day. You can do this at ANY Monster Rangers camp or camp pyre gathering. Make certain that there is no fire ban in effect before doing this art ceremony. Of course, it all begins with a story… Long ago, the Crow Queen, the [...]

The Monster Rangers Myth

Baron and Duke Davis, twin brothers, were born on a dirt farm near Clayton, Washington in 1869 to Alma and Joha Davis. As children, Baron was always climbing trees and exploring the woods, while Duke would dab honey in his eyes and stare at beehives and the moon. Baron was fun loving and gregarious, while […]