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Badge Directory

There are a vast number of Spirit Badges that are available to Monster Rangers. Some can be purchased and others can be earned by completing Missions.

Field Agent Badge

The Field Agent Badge is for Rangers who march around events in a little team, waiting for folks to ask “what’s this about?”

Spirit Badge System

At the end of the Summer of 1903, the Monsters of the Black Acre Farm presented Baron Davis with a series of gifts; leaves gathered from the Isherwyrm tree were sewn into his denim overalls representing the aid and friendship… Continue Reading →

Codex Collector Spirit Badge

The Codex Collector Spirit Badge.

Bat Spirit Badge

The Bat Spirit Badge.

Zombie Puppet Spirit Badge

The Zombie Spirit Badge.

Plastic Fangs Spirit Badge

The Plastic Fangs Spirit Badge.

Skull n Bones Spirit Badge

The Skull n Bones Spirit Badge.

Cook Spirit Badge

The Cook Spirit Badge.

Monster Ranger Skull Spirit Badge

The Monster Rangers Skull Spirit Badge.

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