Steam Crow loves our Crow Scout collectors! This is a badge awarded to an individual who purchases SIX (6) 12×18 (or our 11×17 serigraphs) at one time… for free. (While supplies last!) In person or from our online store.


“I’m a Print Collector 6 WIZARD!”


There is just one level of the Print Collector 6, though there is a Print Collector 4 and 5. (But 6 is the best!)


You have to ask for the Print Collector 6 Badge when you make your purchase of 6 12×18 prints all at once. The program starts March 2015; we can’t award before this time. Also, there’s no guarantee that this badge will be in stock; if you’re worried about it, please ask first.

This badge is also totally valid for online purchases at


This badge symbolizes your kind and generous support of Steam Crow prints. You’ve got a collection, all at once!


Print Collector 6 is worth 150 Glory Points.


This is a rare badge.

Unlocked By