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Monster Rangers Inspiration

INSPIRATION Be inspired by many things, but these films, shows, and books might help jog your memory of Obscuria. While many are not precisely from 1913, most have some sort of monster or setting that inspires the Rangerverse. While this… Continue Reading →

Fiji Mermaid: Gentalman Jihm

The following is a very true1 story. Franc Marsh of Gritdown, Oregon was fishing for ground fish along the misty Pacific coast in October 1908, when he heard the most strange song emanating from a fog bank: “Gentalman Jihm, of… Continue Reading →

Random Puk Generator

Puks are a strange type of creature, made by some sort of weird intersection between Monstru and Obscuria and Earth. This chart, while not entirely complete, represents an example of what you might encounter in your Monster Ranger travels. Roll… Continue Reading →

Brass Monkey

In the Winter of 1913, Baron Davis found himself on a ship (the Sea Ranger “Doomflower 2”) accompanied by 6 Members of the Order of Obscuria, somewhere on the Hudson Bay. The Doomflower had been accompanying the CSS Acadia in… Continue Reading →

Goblin Post

The venerable organization known as “Goblin Post” was envisioned by the Crow Queen centuries ago, in her attempt to open up inexpensive communication methods across the 8 Provinces for her subjects. (Thyric methods are both expensive and often difficult to… Continue Reading →

Woodzo the Owlbear

In the early 20th Century, Baron Davis had to promote the Monster Rangers to the masses, in order to spread the word more quickly behind his Town Hall Rallies. Scary Marrow? While some felt that Marrow Thatch, a 30 ft… Continue Reading →

The Great Gire Forest

Imagine a large forest of trees which has grown with barbed wire tangled throughout the branches and trunks, and you have the Gire Forest.[pms-restrict subscription_plans=”40705,40706,40707,40708″] The only real reason that anybody would ever venture into the Gire Forest is to… Continue Reading →

Town of Skoff

Skoff is a small town of the Viar-Hoon District, of course found in the rusty Hoon Province. Landscape Skoff is found on the outside of the Great Gire Forest. It started off as a simple tavern nestled at the edge… Continue Reading →


Hard-working owlfolk, the Viarlings are also known as the “Okhar” [oh-kar]. While they can be found throughout Obscuria, they are the most commonly found lurking in the Hoon Province in the Viar District. Appearance The Viarlings have 2 humanoid arms, 2… Continue Reading →

Lone humanoids known for gambling, begging, trading junk, and strangling and/or backstabbing their enemies. While they can be found throughout Obscuria, they are the most commonly found lurking in the Hoon Province. Appearance They are bone skinny, with stringy hair, small… Continue Reading →

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