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Town of Weeve

Weeve is the current capital of the Viar-Hoon District, of course found in the rusty Hoon Province. Landscape Weeve is found in a hilly region on the top of a natural plateau. The surrounding countryside hills are topped by occasional… Continue Reading →

Viar-Hoon District

Viar-Hoon (or “Viar”) is a rusted out district of Hoon Province. Landscape Viar is criss-crossed with barbed wire (aka “Viar-wire”). It’s everywhere. Sometimes it tangles up into vast balls, which are blown across the land before they get tangled up… Continue Reading →

Hoon Province

Hoon is the 4th Province of Obscuria, often called “junkenslew” due to the battleground junkyard that litters the landscape. Climate Hoon has 6 distinct seasons, with warm, dry summers and extremely cold winters. Districts Hoon is broken into 5 Districts…. Continue Reading →

8 Provinces

Most old timers say that this was the doing of the Crow Queen, and I’m inclined to believe them. In order to better control her monstrous subjects, she instituted distinct boundaries (with their own walls and gates) between the different… Continue Reading →

It came at night. It was a bird. A Crow. But it wasn’t like the other crows from the farm. It was big. It was all bone and claw, but bulky, as if it had something hidden beneath it’s ample… Continue Reading →

Icarus Wegneer Smith

This Day In History (1910) Monster Ranger Icarus Wegneer Smith stumbled into a Klowna town (Whistleville) and was soon scheduled to be tortured in eaten in a number of disturbing and exasperating ways. (Klownas are not simple horrors.) Listening to… Continue Reading →

Klowna Klowna (aka “Clowna”, “Clownie”, “Klownie”) are wicked monsters, interested in seeding fear and turmoil with Manlings. The prowl the dark, and are often found in back alleys, playgrounds, carnivals, and Barter Circles. We must advice ALL RANGERS to avoid… Continue Reading →


A B Baron Davis – Brother to Dr. Duke Davis and founder of the Monster Rangers. Baron was a friend of monsters, and best friend of Marrow Thatch, and became the prime agent for monsterkind. He is believed to be… Continue Reading →

Trolla Trolla are an ancient race of hulking, bestial creatures who come from the rugged mountain lands. They are known for their bloodthirsty rage, and they have a tradition of eating other monsterfolk. Trolla have large tusks, with huge clawed… Continue Reading →

ARCHIVE OF THE DARK LIBRARIANS, Artifact Number #115712-C38 The Warlock Stick of Majik was first discovered hanging from the branches of a bone white tree on October 10, 1913 by Ranger Lex Barthule. (Somewhere outside of Monstervania.) It was believed… Continue Reading →

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