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Monster Rangers Inspiration

INSPIRATION Be inspired by many things, but these films, shows, and books might help jog your memory of Obscuria. While many are not precisely from 1913, most have some sort of monster or setting that inspires the Rangerverse. While this… Continue Reading →

Monster Rangers RPG Kickstarter

Coming Feb 1st Hi there! I wanted to let you know that our upcoming Monster Rangers RPG game is utilizing Fate (Condensed), and will Kickstart on February 1st. You can follow the campaign and be notified at launch, here. You play… Continue Reading →

Monster Rangers RPG Field Kit

So, as I’m working on the Monster Rangers RPG game (TTRPG), and making great progress, I decided that it would be fun/cool/useful to have a “field kit”; something that I could take to Monstro Camps and gaming conventions demos. I… Continue Reading →

Goblin Generator Chart

This chart is for randomly generating Goblins for roleplaying games and games set in the Monster Rangers universe of Obscuria. You can roll for each column separately. (Put 7 small d20s into a pill organizer to roll all at once.)… Continue Reading →

Fate Core Character Sheet

Fate Core is the roleplaying game system that I like to use for my Monster Rangers adventures. It’s such a flexible game system, that I tend to use it for my Fantasy games, too. It’s highly adaptable, and you can… Continue Reading →

Steam Crow HQ Game Room

Hey Monster Rangers! I have a passion for gaming, especially tabletop rpgs and skirmish battle games. About 15 years ago, I built this gaming table (then called “the Ultimate Gaming Table”) with my buddy Ben who was a finish carpenter…. Continue Reading →

Monster Commute RPG Beta

Note: This is a currently abandoned project, but we felt like it was still worth sharing. We cannot offer support, clarity, or more information at this time, but there’s probably enough information here to play a good Monster Commute Game…. Continue Reading →

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