Prisoners are utilized to spread the news across the docks, ruins, and townships of Frostbrine. They are bolted into little shacks, sometimes for years, before they are killed, destroyed, or walk off of a icy dock into the Brine’s icy waters.

Occasionally residents put some bread or jerky into the food slot, in exchange of rumors or “other” less savory tales.

It is believed that a few hundred of these Convict Heralds wander about, put there by the infamous “Legal Congress”.

5+0+014-18Cannot carry treasure or items. No jumping, high climbing.

Inspired by a Mordheim figure I found online, I decided to build my own version. I used balsa wood, and an old heroclix dwarf figure for the legs, along with a horn from a Bioshock Infinite “Boys of Silence”. Poorly painted Reaper cultist provided for scale.

This was made and painted last year. I make no claim to “pro painter” status; I’m just trying to approximate tabletop quality for gaming.