These mechanical beings have low intellect, but they always do a day’s labor for an evening’s bottle of volt-juice. They load and lift crates, boxes and barrels without much complaint, and are very strong. (Much better than the manling laborers, if you ask me.)

If harassed, they will not hesitate in punching the clod into submission (or throwing them into the frigid waters.)

They are not maintained very often (by maintenance Mechans), so they are typically pretty rusty and squeaky as they go about their tasks.

Nicknames: Dockfists, Punchas, Boxwallows.


These are old Heroclix figures, rebased and painted very quickly, without much concern for detail. I did repose one’s arms, for variety.

I strip Heroclix figures as the paint us usually really gummy and thick, obscuring some really nice details underneath. I use nail polish remover (with acetone).

Caveat: always remove the figures from their bases, as they will melt really quickly. Also utilize safety measures such as eye protection.