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    So I am still working on the details of my Conjure Guard Uniform. One of the things listed on Gear is “A small box of crystalized Aethir”. I was curious if anyone had this as part of their current uniform, and if so, what do you picture crystalized Aethir to look like? What kind of box do you use? How do you carry it around (besides just in your hand)?


    Ginny Caynak
    Monster Ranger

    I haven’t made my uniform yet, but I figured it was what was in the “spell ball” on the side. On the concept of ether, there are two ways to look at it. ether in chemistry is a classification of chemical that can, under certain conditions make crystals. We could find crystals to look like them. OR in greek aither (modernized to aether) meant upper air or atmosphere, so crystalized sky…. either way it will be a fun project! ether or aither


    Herr Doktor Jungling
    Monster Ranger

    Have you considered cupric sulphate?  Good ol’ blue vitriol!

    It has a nice color (blue as the sky for Ginny), it’s cheap, you can grow nice large crystals if you want, you can react with sodium chloride if you want green, and in solution it can be used to quick copper plate carbon steel without external current… just a nice chem to have on hand (Note:  I really only keep it on hand for aesthetic copper plating).

    The only thing is, you don’t want to eat it… or feed it to pets… or to plants… or fungus…

    Just don’t consume it, alright?


    The other thing I thought of when I read this is growing big sodium chloride crystals, but doping the solution with a tiny bit of methylene blue.  A dab (which in this case means ten milligrams or so) will do ya!  That way you end up with blue crystals that aren’t toxic.  They will, however, stain things pretty readily if you use a lot of methylene blue, so go easy on it… it goes a very long way!

    Also, as an additional warning, if you consume more than about 30 mg of methylene blue your urine will come out blue… for days if you ingest enough… and this can mess up any urine dip tests performed during this time, so you might get false positives for all kinds of illicit substances if your employer makes you pee in a cup.

    Just don’t consume it, alright?


    Susan Fox
    Monster Ranger

    I keep a fancy tin box with quartz crystals and other mineral keepsakes. Including, dare I say, the Magic Rock.


    Lady Drac
    Monster Ranger


    Here’s mine! It’s a small shadowbox charm filled with broken up pieces of Aerogel (which is a solid that is as light as and looks very similar to a gas.) You can read more about it here.

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