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    Steam Crow

    Welcome esteemed Members of our Sect. Please make yourself comfortable on the davenport, the tea will be ready in a moment. The room has been cleansed and is free from interloper’s ears. We can speak freely of our Order now…


    How lovely to get a chance to meet all my fellow Conjure Guards! I am Penelope Coppersmith-Walker, located in the bright city of Los Angeles.


    Dane Barthule
    Monster Ranger

    Hello everyone! My name is Dane. Can’t wait to share stitches with all of you!


    I’d love to share stitches as well! Here are a few that I came up with, so we can stitch our specialties on our mantles (or satchels, etc). Hopefully the picture is clear enough.

    monster stitches 1

    (I have another page, though I think I want to retake that image – the stitches cast a bit of a shadow, so they’re a bit harder to make out.)


    Dane Barthule
    Monster Ranger

    Looks good!

    I haven’t come up with many on my own, but I have most of the ones Dawna put in her stitch book.


    I have a page with the Ranger branches as well.


    Katherine Thompson
    Monster Ranger

    I’m Katherine from Houston! Most of my stitchwork is crocheting or knitting, but I’m excited to dabble in a new craft.


    Hi all!!!!! I don’t have a stitch book yet, but working on it 😀
    Been focusing on other Conjure Guard aspects though such as Divination Arts (mostly tarot and rune casting).


    Tarot has always been my preferred divination method, but lately I’ve been interested in bone/junk oracle casting. The idea of casting a handful of random trinkets and divining from that seems to fit the idea of Monster Rangers pretty well – or at least it seems so to me! I’ve been thinking of writing a little how-to on it.


    Jamie Dubiak
    Monster Ranger

    @ Penelope – charm-casting is a thing! I have a great travel sized card that we could actually mix monster ranger themed charms with to make it more… Ranger oriented!

    Also, Hello!


    So, I’ve been thinking more about a Ranger-themed charm casting set (thanks, Jamie!)- specially since a charm for a group like the Sea Rangers works for all things generally ocean related, and the others seem to as well. Going to be raiding through my collection of beads, charms, trinkets, etc for items to match up for the various branches. Some of them seem easy, (sea glass or stone for Sea Rangers, eye bead for Phychics, and so on), but some of them I’m drawing a blank on.
    Anyone have ideas for Cargo Tigers, Crows, Dark Librarians, Rangers, and Signal Rangers?

    I have a lot of beads/charms, etc, but other items that would hold up to the use of charm casting would work as well – like maybe a small knot of orange fabric and twine for the Cargo Tigers/Traveling charm?


    (And- there will be pictures and a ‘how to” posted up on the DIY forum when I have it together!)


    Myriah Riedel
    Monster Ranger

    Hello! I’m Myriah from Seattle area! Super excited to learn witch stitchery! My main crafts are sewing, cooking, knitting and crochet.


    Myriah Riedel
    Monster Ranger

    I’m thinking about making my own spell stitch book and was wondering if anyone wanted to share theirs? I’d love to see pictures to get ideas, and or things anyone wished they had done differently.


    Monster Ranger

    Hey I’m Katharine,I’m also from the Seattle area! I’ve started making a stitch witch book, but I have some questions about it? Where can I find like the Dawna’s full one or are the pictures on the witch stitches page good enough? I’ll post some more pictures when I’m done or worked on it more. I’ve only got the basics from the guide book.


    Ginny Caynak
    Monster Ranger

    Hi guys! I’m new here! Anything I should know as I get started? (They mentioned specific colors of thread for the different branches… what’s that about?)

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