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    Ginny Caynak
    Monster Ranger

    I’m trying to design my uniform but on the info page it mentions that “Each of these different practices has a separate sigil that can be sewn onto the capelet to inform others of what type of magic each member of the guard is capable of performing. Their specialty is usually done with a separate color of enchanted thread.” yet I couldn’t find info on those sigils nor colors anywhere….. Help pls 🙂


    Steam Crow

    We have not yet uncovered what this means, exactly, either. Our uncovering of the Monster Rangers information is still being pieced together, from stump-caches to old Radio Tower spool discoveries.

    So, YOU can define how it works for your sigil-stitches, and work from there.


    Susan Fox
    Monster Ranger

    The most magical thread comes from those magical Steam Crow boxes, tying the badges and other treasures. Never mind that I see the same stuff in spools at the hobby store. It comes from True Monstru, I know it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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