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    Steam Crow

    Hey guys!

    Let Crazy Bricks know that we want to get THESE CUSTOM MONSTER RANGER minifigs, into production!

    IMG_2109 (1) IMG_2113 (1)

    Leave a comment right here, letting them know that you’d buy a set. Then leave a comment on their Facebook Page, relaying the information!

    If we can succeed, they’ll consider doing a Monster Rangers Kickstarter for us!


    George Gaspar
    Monster Ranger

    I have backed Guy’s Kickstarters in the past for his custom Lego figures and they are all amazing! These two worlds meeting would be incredible! Team Monster Rangers and Team Crazy Bricks would just be incredible! I’m in whenever it’s a go!


    Lady Drac
    Monster Ranger

    I LOVE these!! I’d definitely be interested in them!


    Ivan Moore
    Monster Ranger

    Oh heck yea!


    Monster Ranger

    These are awesome, I’d some for myself and my grandkids!


    Cameron Wadey
    Monster Ranger

    Oh my holy heck yes!! I have to have them!!


    Ranger Steve
    Monster Ranger

    I’d buy multiple sets, hell yeah!!!


    K. Burd
    Monster Ranger

    I would ABSOLUTELY love these!!!


    Dane Barthule
    Monster Ranger

    Definitely would buy!


    Elizabeth Castor
    Monster Ranger

    Yes please!!! I would LOVE to have a few of these little guys for myself and for barter


    Stephen Venneman
    Monster Ranger

    I would buy multiple sets because they’re so cool!


    Kimberly Sirak
    Monster Ranger

    I would love these mini figures! Would definitely support Crazy bricks!


    Rich Sigfrit
    Monster Ranger

    Heckers yeah!


    Chaplain Tim
    Monster Ranger

    I…I… I need these in my life.


    Fester MacKrell
    Monster Ranger

    If these were available, I would definitely buy them for myself and many of my friends. Please make this real!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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