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    Caitlin aka Cat
    Monster Ranger

    I’ve got an apron ordered from ebay though it’s not much like the kind depicted as uniform. What have any others done for their apron? Or did you just not go that route?


    Steam Crow

    Dark Librarians are brand new, so there’s not been a lot defined for them. However, everyone is welcome to do theirs how they want, and we’re really not aiming for exact uniforms for the branches.

    So, go for it! Share photos when you’ve got it all together.


    Guillermo the IVth
    Monster Ranger

    If one wanted to score the double dapper badge on a Dark Librarian apron, I bet this would earn it:

    sartor and villian pinstripe apron

    Definitely more formal Black Acre Lodge high ceremonial rather than all-around/outdoor Monstro Campsite rangering activity wear, but an ultra swanky option.


    Guillermo the IVth
    Monster Ranger

    After months of apron shopping, followed by weeks of Velcro adhesion, forceful curved needle pushing, and finger callus building, I’ve completed what I suspect is the first of our elite Dark Librarian branch’s aprons:

    Dark Librarian apron and bandana polaroidic

    Enlarge for details. Fountain pen chest sleeve, wood toggle buttoned pocket for catalog cards/Rangers’ handbook/suspected relic location map with core patch, hoodie-style double opening pocket, horizontal library tool kangaroo pouch pocket with vertical double row of badges, gunmetal rivet & strap grommet accents, and split-leg snaps for flying dragon kick execution.

    Also made a specialized Dark Librarians four-hole bandana woggle:

    dark librarian formulae book and key woggle

    This fully functional micro-tome holds your needed formulae & bindrunes, while staying secured not only by the crossed bandana but by a wired-on formulae key for informational safety.

    [Will be posting for Dapper Badge shortly.]


    Caitlin aka Cat
    Monster Ranger

    WOW! I’ve been way too busy…studying library science..lol…so I finally saw this. AWESOME!!!
    I’m going to be working on my uniform tonight at a church craft night! 🙂


    Susan Fox
    Monster Ranger

    Any good restaurant supply store will have aprons, full bib or half lap type, in white, black and maybe pinstripes.

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