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    Ron Moen
    Monster Ranger

    This is really a tough question for me to answer since there’s sooo many to choose from, but my favorite would have to be the Norwegian Troll. There are many types of Trolls in Northern Europe, not all are brutish evil creatures depicted in some legends. Here’s a good link to learn more:



    I certainly have to agree with you – there are so many to creatures, it’s hard to chose a favorite! I think when it comes down to it, though, my favorite are wyverns. (Which are different from dragons, thank you.) Dragons do make it onto my list, though, as well as any number of creatures that throughout history Nodds have put on their family shields and heraldic devices, such as griffons, entfields, alphins, and the like.


    Steam Crow

    I go round and round with this question… I too have a bunch, mostly informed from D&D.

    I love:

    • Golems (All sorts from Iron Golems to Patchwork Wonders.)
    • Minotaurs
    • Goblins
    • Scarecrows (Ie, Marrow Thatch)

    I also like inventing monsters, probably the best.


    Holly Woosey
    Monster Ranger

    Im not sure hes really classed as a ‘monster’ but I love the Grim Reaper…I think hes totally miss understood and I would love to give him a hug and invite him round for a cup of tea. I think he woud have some great stories to tell!!

    But I love all monsters!


    Katherine Thompson
    Monster Ranger

    I am quite fond of dragons, but I’ve had a particular fascination with selkies for a while.


    Monster Ranger

    I am a sucker for Gnomes, but Brownies, Redcaps and most of the dark side of Faerie always get my attention.


    Monster Ranger

    I would have to say Cthulhu is one of my favorites.  Anything Lovecraft related tends to get my attention faster than anything else.

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