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    Mag Vengeance
    Monster Ranger

    I have been a fan of Steam Crow for a while but some how didn’t know about Monster Rangers. I recognized the artistic style of steam crow at the Monster Ranger booth from a ways away at ECCC and went over to check it out. I got to chat with Baron Davis about Monster Rangers and knew it was for me right away!


    Gabriel Van Wyhe
    Monster Ranger

    Our very close friends – Tim and Rachel introduced us to Monster Rangers. I had been a Boy Scout in my youth – going all the way through to earning Eagle Scout – but when I tried to get my boys involved in cub scouts the last couple of year… well, it just didnt fit us. However, Monster Rangers lets us enjoy just being nerdy and having fun and learning together. Loving it!


    Monster Ranger

    I had come across a Monster Rangers booth at San Japan when I was still in middle school! I’ve been infatuated ever since, and after about three years of watching from afar, I’m finally a ranger!


    Monster Ranger

    I’ve been lurking on Monster Rangers for a bit and got excited when they appeared at Monsterpalooza. Creative introverts? Count me in.


    A Tuesday
    Monster Ranger

    Hey! Found you guys at Monsterpalooza this last weekend. So very very intrigued. Love what I’ve learned so far ^^


    Ranger Rory Moon
    Monster Ranger

    Learned about MR at PCF 2018! Saw the awesome booth with playful bright colors and adults engaging in creative ways to build community + promote a happy Earth! Talked with most of the people staffed and decided that I’m in love and need to learn more.

    That night, ya Moon discovered the Scare Force and just knew that they had to be one. I’ve sort of made a character (Rory Moon) that I’ll be building in this world, but also engaging as just me! Hopefully it doesn’t get confusing.



    Monster Ranger

    I remember seeing the massive Steam Crow booth at Phoenix Comic Con the first year we were vendors there. Year after year it was a landmark in our mental convention map, and then we Spotted them at our more local Tucson Comic con too! (I got my Lovecraft shirt there, still one of my favorite)

    One of our number was lured in by cute art and bright lights, and became our first Monster Ranger! She’s being attending ever since, She even got to one of the camps I think, and now more of us are following in her wake!


    Monster Ranger

    I think the first time I started seeing Monster Rangers was at Midsummer Scream? Last year. I assumed it was some kind of comic or video game. All the art looked really cute and got me curious but there were a lot of people crowding around the booth. This year at Monsterpalooza the booth looked too good to pass by. There was still a big crowd and everyone was buzzy chatting, but I snagged a 3 fold pamphlet that I still have (can’t bear myself to throw it away, I really dig the paper-cut out art style!) and everything looked really fun and unique.

    So I held onto that pamphlet and had a moment this week to go through con stuff. Ended up poking around the site!


    Monster Ranger

    I found Monster Rangers from a blog. Looked like something right up my alley. So here I am!


    Amanda Clonts
    Monster Ranger

    I was looking through events for Denver Comic Con and saw an event for Monster Rangers Rally and was like, “What is a Monster Ranger?”. I looked it up and the rest is history.


    Monster Ranger

    I found out about Monster Rangers at the Denver Comic Con


    Ricki Palmisano
    Monster Ranger

    I got a flyer at Denver Comic Con 2017 about the camp happening in my state, but I have been interested from a distance. I decided 2018 was the year I was to commit, and here I am!!


    Monster Ranger

    Through some friends at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.


    Cecillia C.
    Monster Ranger

    San Diego Comic Con 2017

    Finally got somthing this year!


    Monster Ranger

    Saw you guys at San diego Comic Con. I’m pretty much obsessed with Halloween so when I saw your spooky booth I became attached almost immediately. Needless to say I spent a lot of time (and money) at the booth and realized I wanted to be a part of the Monster Rangers!

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