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    Monster Ranger

    I was walking around Comic Con 2018 SD, searching for horror movie goodies (which was sparse) and some guy handed me this brochure. And as I did with the crazy amount of brochures I got, it quickly was tossed into the bag strapped onto my back. Now that I am back home in Texas, I am now sifting through my bag loot. Looks like a good operation you have going here, too bad none of your camps are no where near my part of Texas lol.


    Bryce Williams
    Monster Ranger

    I originally bumped into the Monster “Scouts” booth at SLC “Comic Con” 2017 and fell in love with the art first and foremost. After some investigation into the work, I was hooked and determined to join.

    But alas, time gets away from those who keep the records.

    And so another year had passed, and once again I had arrived to SLC FanX 18 (see name change) where I found the Monster Rangers (also name change) once again. My passion had been reignited for a missing piece of my social structure and I devoutly acquired a Dark Librarian neckerchief and patch.

    I was excited to join at the first ever Utah Monstro Camp, but due to the fires near me, I couldn’t go and the Camp was cancelled. Hoping that something will turn up again soon.


    Monster Ranger

    There was a stand at Jet City Comic Con and I was like 👀👀


    Mer Behan
    Monster Ranger

    I saw the booth at Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma, WA!


    Monster Ranger

    I was trying to find a more inclusive group for my son to join (he’s 6) and a friend mentioned there’s a lot of Monster Rangers in Everett, WA where she lives. After doing some research I fell in live with the whole concept and signed myself up the same day!


    Brandon Newquist
    Monster Ranger

    ECCC! The booth is what drew me in. After purchasing a satchel for my wife I learned more about the Monster Rangers and immediately joined!


    Monster Ranger

    My bestfriend pulled me to the booth at Emerald city comicon. She explained to me the story from what she could remember, then I was hooked. The best part is that after talking to Steam Crow, I felt like these are my people and I am home now. Cant wait for the summer camp in Seattle! Should be alot of fun.


    Monster Ranger

    I saw you guys at Phoenix Fan Fusion. I didn’t talk that much though. It seams interesting that this exists.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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