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    Steam Crow

    Hi there, Ranger! Welcome!

    This is where you introduce yourself. Tell us something odd about you or something you like.

    Just reply to this thread with your intro, and Welcome aboard!



    Steam Crow

    Hi there! My name is Daniel, and I started this Monster Rangers thing with Dawna and Goblin Boy.

    I love Halloween, Monsters, design and art, miniatures, Pen & Paper RPGS, video games, and movies (especially the old stuff.)

    I started Steam Crow back in 2005 as a way to spend my time doing something better than meaningless corporate design. (They don’t like monsters on that side.)

    Now, my living is making the things that I love for the community that I love: the Monster Rangers.

    My life is very busy, complicated and often chaotic, but I love it.


    Baron Aaron
    Monster Ranger

    Hello there, My name is Aaron.

    I have an affinity to the odd and supernatural. I also love D&D, board games, crafting, and mischief.


    Dane Barthule
    Monster Ranger

    Hello, my name is Dane! I’ve been a fan of Steam Crow since 2011 and have been in the Rangers since 2014.


    I love Halloween and Monsters (like most of you). I am also working on getting my Pharm.D and I have 3 cats. 🙂


    Skott Kilander
    Monster Ranger

    Howdy, thought I should actually introduce myself on the new site (since I never did on the original…)

    My name’s Skott, and I’m an artist/maker in Pennsylvania.  Lifelong fixation on monsters, movies, rpg’s, games, art, and general nerdery.

    I only discovered the Monster Rangers this summer (having completely missed them at GenCon 2016…still don’t know how that happened), but was IMMEDIATELY on board. I love the idea of relics/groups/stories from a slightly more interesting version of the world.  And the fact that it’s also a kinder and more inclusive world, well, that certainly doesn’t hurt!

    Fun Fact: my avatar image is a self-portrait…as a 1940’s-style werewolf.


    Monster Ranger
    1. My name is Billy and I joined the Rangers at Salt Lake Comic Con this year!!

    Ron Moen
    Monster Ranger

    Howdy Folks,

    I’m Ron and I’m from the wilds of Northeast Ohio. I discovered this group early in 2015 and since then have been a happy long-distance member. Will someday make a pilgrimage out West to one of the Shindigs to meet all of you nice folks and enjoy the outdoors with my fellow Rangers.


    Luther Belk
    Monster Ranger

    Hello Fellow Rangers,

    Caw, Caw, I have my wife to blame. She has been a big fan for years and after meeting everyone at Phoenix Comicon, I knew this was the group for me. Even though we are in Phoenix, we can’t wait for the Shindig in Tucson.




    Natalie Slaughter
    Monster Ranger

    Hello all! My name’s Natalie. I’m a Texas transplant living in Los Angeles, where I work for the Los Angeles LGBT Center. I’m also a writer and have several pieces published with various online magazines, mostly political, and I’m working on a novel.

    I haven’t been around long, only a few months now, and my first in person meetup will be at Shindig Prime.

    I’m also a total nerd, so feel free to chat me up about virtually any nerd topic from politics to Firefly to video games to comic books to books to Star Trek to… well, you get the idea.


    K. Burd
    Monster Ranger

    hey howdy hey! figured I’d re-introduce myself again here on the new forum

    I’m Kelsey – I work at an art supply store out here in Colorado, but my real passion (and my degree) is in Archaeology! especially bones. I like bones. did you know the quickest way to find out if something is a bone is to lick it? if its bone, it’ll stick to your tongue – if its a rock or other matter, you’ll probably just end up with a weird taste in your mouth. y’know, in case you’re ever lost in the wild and feel like identifying things you find on the ground.

    general nerd, with fixations in Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Wars and Stranger Things




    Monster Ranger


    My name is Becca and I met Steam Crow in 2010 I believe at a small anime convention.

    Enjoy your day!



    Ash Serna
    Monster Ranger

    I’m Ash! I’m from beautiful Whidbey Island, WA but am currently going to school in Bellingham to study music education! I found out about Monster Scouts with my friend during Emerald City Comic Con this year. Needless to say, we both signed up as soon as we had the chance. I’ve always been interested in ghosts and monsters, and my interest only grew when I moved to Bigfoot territory. I’m interested in art, playing music, and have a whole hodgepodge of interests. I’m so excited to meet you all!


    Ophelia Bell
    Monster Ranger

    Greetings! I’m Becca, but generally I hang around as my Ranger persona, Ophelia Bell. I found out about Steam Crow first a few years ago, through a mutual friend who had some SC art hanging in their home, and it kind of snowballed from there! I love the Ranger community SO much, and even though I’m a little far away to attend many events (Minnesota!) I still love seeing everything that happens!


    Libbi Rich
    Monster Ranger

    Hi! I’m Libbi, aka Shudderbug. I was raised by a monster-loving mother who read me to sleep with Edgar Allen Poe and the scarier parts of Shakespeare (I’d memorized Act IV, Scene 1 of “Macbeth” by the time I was 6 years old (“Double, double; toil and trouble…”). I’m a music and pop-culture photojournalist, and an erstwhile comic book writer.


    Monster Ranger

    Ranger based in LA checking in.

    I believe my first encounter was at SDCC finally got to it after clearing parts of my never ending to do list. Currently trying to get more National Parks Stamps then a friend of mine (which started from our aptly named bro-ad trip last year. Yes many terrible jokes or bro-kes were made) I also dabble in some photography.

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