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    Audra Mearns
    Monster Ranger

    Caw! Audra from Sandpoint, Idaho. Mom of three college students, educator of middle schoolers – monsters in their own right, fan and collector of Steam Crow’s art thanks to Emerald City Comicon. I am a closet lover of the supernatural and cryptozoology. Favorite comics include Hellboy and iZombie. Love camping, crafting, traveling and rafting.



    Hi, I’m informally known as Stitches! From Utah, avid learner of urban legends, folklore, mythology, and Sidhe. My trade is costume design and multi-media art forms. I was introduced at SLCC by a finatic friend and look forward to playing often!


    Holly Woosey
    Monster Ranger

    Hello my name is Holly and Im from England but living in Vancouver!

    I love anything spoopy/creepy/weird and unusual. I love reading, arting, crafting…and I LOVE maps!
    Im a big Harry Potter nerd, and I love anything SciFi and Fantasy!


    Monster Ranger

    Hi, I’m Lisa. My fiance proposed using an Owlbear, and you seemed like an interesting group to join up with after a few followup gifts from SC. 😀


    Katherine Thompson
    Monster Ranger

    My name is Katherine. I’m a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who’s trying to get into grad school next fall so I can quit my barista job.

    I’m a chronic crafter, mostly crocheting but I dabble in pretty much anything. To date, the project I’m most proud of was a king-size pieced afghan that took me 9 months to make. I’m a certified crochet instructor, which allows me to (mostly) fund my yarn addiction.

    I’m also a trained singer and a self-taught guitarist. If the mood takes me, I occasionally write songs.

    I’ve had an obsession with monsters (dragons in particular) for years that my family has cheerfully fed with little incredulous smiles on their faces. This is the kind of group I wanted to be in growing up.


    Monster Ranger

    Miss Bot, first name Lori. I’ve been a supporter of the Davis’ and their creative vision for a long (really long) time. I’ve been a lurker for the Monster Rangers since the beginning and thought it was time to join! I’m an Arizona native and I wasn’t always a robot.


    Amy Solis
    Monster Ranger

    Hi I am Amy my friend Emma in AZ got me turned on to you guys… been slowly working on missions… and interacting will everyone since Sept. 2017… I am originally for Florida and apart of the Florida Ranger group although I currently live in Southern Georgia right now… I keep trying to spread the word here so I am not alone here in GA… I look forward to growing more and learning as much as I can as a new dark librarian and ranger


    Everett Vinzant
    Monster Ranger

    I have more than a passing interest in all things Lovecraft. I have invested in books/games/radio dramas. I am an amateur radio operator and maker. I’ve built my own radios, computers, wireless networks, love fixing things, or reengineering things to do something more/different. I was signal corps(e) in the Army and enjoy Bushcrafting/Ultralight backpacking.

    I saw the Krampus Kickstarter, but was too late to get the mug, and would love to have been a Platinum Vampire (have the funds). Sadly, I only found out about the Monster Rangers two days ago (Dec 1st, 2017). Part of the Denver troop (I’m guessing). So now that I’ve joined, paid for a manual and the Signal Scout badge, what do I do to earn things? I see missions 3&4, but I can’t find 1&2.


    Ronald Conner
    Monster Ranger

    I’m Ron, proud step-dad to a couple of tiny Rangers who are only just old enough to camp.

    I’m hoping that when I have the time and the weather clears I can start looking for other rangers in the area.  Meanwhile I’m assembling my uniform and looking at sash options.   Maybe do some digital artwork to spruce up my profile.

    I’m an Eagle scout who hasn’t scouted since I turned 18.  My old troop folded shortly after my entire Patrol graduated but I miss the simple joys of camping out without a big LARP event or some other nonsense to keep everyone occupied.


    Monster Ranger

    Hi! I am Tamzen, A Graphic Designer and Crafter from Brisbane Australia.

    I love Horror Movies, DND, Drawing, Survival Horror Video Games, Boardgames and Crafts!


    Caitlin aka Cat
    Monster Ranger


    I’m Caitlin aka Cat from Torrance and I dsicovered this group through my friends, Susan Fox and her hubby Gene Turnbow. I am finally getting around to joining up and making this the year of intentional fun to balance my three-ring circus kind of life. 😉


    Caitlin aka Cat
    Monster Ranger

    and I don’t know why it says I posted at 10pm when it’s only 1:58 pm as I type.


    Monster Ranger

    Hark and well met! Mikee here checking in from the Oregon portion of the Cascadia region. I am a tattooed pizza loving fool in his Senior year of College. I enjoy maps, thriftstores, tattoos and pizza among other things. I’ve always felt close to monsters through my Dad who was an avid halloween costume fanatic, he even worked in a costume shop when I was younger. That seems most pertinent for now.



    B Cole
    Monster Ranger


    I’m Cole. I live in Vegas, NV. I’m usually pretty awful about making friends because I’ll accidentally say something creepy or start gushing about monsters, but I’m thinking that will only help me here!

    I’m looking forward to getting involved with the community. :o)


    Lady Drac
    Monster Ranger

    Hi Everyone!

    My friend Amy encouraged me to join and I briefly spoke with Dawna today at Emerald City Comic Con!

    Like my name Lady Drac would suggest, I am a pasty white woman who probably needs to get outside more and this seemed like the perfect excuse to do just that while having fun with like minds.

    I look forward to meeting new friends and discovering new monsters together!

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