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    Hello!! My name is Austin! My fiance and I passed by the booth at ECCC and we have found our people!! We are very excited to get to know you all and go camping! We love video games and I am getting into teaching myself art. I am 23 and want to be a park ranger someday. We love the weird and creepy, have tattoos, and enjoy pizza.


    Anthony Tackett
    Monster Ranger

    Hi all,

    I’m Anthony from Seattle.  I spent a few hours talking to Daniel and Dawna at ECCC (first time even at ECCC).  I was amazed at how much this organization spoke to me!  I then dragged two of my friends over to the booth to join as well!

    I like to play way too many board games, video games, and just started painting all my miniatures.

    I joined the clock talkers! 🙂


    Mina Alexander
    Monster Ranger

    Hello! I’m a new Ranger based in Seattle, WA. My name is Mina, after Mina Harker in Dracula. I have a bonded pair of black cats as my animal compainions, and you can usually find me sketching in a corner somewhere (drawing helps me think).


    Joe Flanik
    Monster Ranger

    Hi everybody! I’m Joe and I’ve also joined because of ECCC. Considering my love of tomes, mystical & otherwise, the Dark Librarians called to me. I enjoy overly complicated board games and coffee, both of which I’ll have on hand at the camping events to share. CAW!


    Jon Cook
    Monster Ranger

    Hey Rangers!

    I’m Jon, found out about this awesome organization through my girlfriend who saw Steam Crow at Emerald City Comic Con this year. I love to do arts and crafts, and can’t wait to participate more in this community!

    I guess a fun fact about me is that I really enjoy letterpress printing, and I will definitely be making some Ranger art in the future!

    Glad to meet y’all!


    Mag Vengeance
    Monster Ranger

    My mother raised me on art and crafts of every kind. I was introduced to Edward Gorey, Greek Mythology, and science fiction at a young age. I live in Oregon where I own 2 bookstores with my brother and sister in law. I have 2 kids (12 and 14) who I am also bringing up in artistic nerd culture.
    I am in love with mail and pen paling. I am currently working on a series of patches featuring larger than life insects using fabric, fake leather, Embroidery, sewing and found objects. I am all about DIY. I read a lot of comic books, and science fiction. I am a big star wars fan, I had a Star Wars themed wedding!

    I discovered Monster Rangers at ECCC this month and am totally new to all of this, but SO EXCITED!


    Elizabeth Castor
    Monster Ranger

    Hey there!
    I am Elizabeth and I’ll reintroduce myself on this new platform.

    I first found out about Monster Rangers at the Denver Comic-Con in 2015 and was charmed with the artwork, stylization and humor that embodies the whole endeavor. Planned on joining right away but procrastinated until Spring of 2017.

    I have enjoyed going camping with fellow rangers, crafting and having a nerdy-geeky group to chill with. Looking forward to events with the local barrow.



    Gabriel Van Wyhe
    Monster Ranger

    Hello! My name is Gabriel. With my wife and three kiddos, we officially joined up with Monster Rangers at ECCC. We are hard at work on our uniforms and very excited about the Seattle Camp this summer.
    Something odd about me… When I was in first grade, me and a couple of friends collected enough sap from trees to create a ball of sap, which we placed on a bottle cap – then carried it around and giving it the position of our new king and sovereign… which we named “GUB”…
    Also – I can sing every word of the Gilligan’s Island theme song, despite not having seen an episode of the show in probably 20 years.


    Monster Ranger

    Hey there! I’m Flower, I love traveling, podcasts, and painting! While most of my interests come and go, Monster Rangers has always stuck around. I’m happy to say that I’m finally a ranger!


    Monster Ranger

    Hi there!

    I’m Annie. I’m from Denver, Colorado, and I’m an all-around queer nerd.

    I first came across Steam Crow at Denver Comic Con in 2016. I loved the art but didn’t know much about them. Fast-forward 3 years and a friend told me about the Rangers. I jumped at the chance to join because it feels like I’ve found my people.

    I’m a designer who loves sci-fi, reading books and graphic novels, watching movies/tv series, listening to podcasts, and traveling. I’m happy to find this community!


    Monster Ranger

    Hi, I’m Stephanie and I live in Los Angeles. I LOVE Halloween and all things spooky, magical, mysterious and monster-y. I have several creative endeavors but have been neglecting them for awhile. Monster Rangers has totally inspired me to get creative again and I’m excited to put together my Conjure Guard uniform, earn some badges and meet some new fun, cool people.


    Monster Ranger

    Hello everyone. My name is Meg. I live in Orange County. If it involves coffee and dead things–count me in. I can’t wait to meet some other spooktacular fiends like myself…


    Michael Drollinger
    Monster Ranger

    Hello! My Name is Michael. My wife Tommi, and our two daughters (5 and about to be 10), and I are very much interested in getting involved in Phoenix/greater Arizona area Monster Ranger activities. We enjoy camping, creating, reading, and having fun. I am currently in nursing school and will graduate almost exactly one year from now. Tommi is an artist and full time homeschool educator. Looking forward to hearing from and meeting new friends. 🙂

    P.S. I have been interested in cryptids and monsters in general since childhood, a love my kids have definitely inheirited.


    Ginny Caynak
    Monster Ranger

    Hello Hello! I’m Ginny and I’m really excited to be a part of this community! I’m in Salt Lake City and saw everyone at SLCC, but I only now joined! Can’t wait to do more with you all!


    Larry Cerda
    Monster Ranger

    Hello the name is Larry and I’m very excited to be here. I really want to get back to camping but I’m to broke to buy camping gear. I’m trying to save up but we’ll see. If anything I would just be happy if being part of this cool community.

    I like playing games i.e. video, board, and card. I’m a fast learner so I’m always up to a challenge. Calligraphy, lettering, and printmaking are things that I’m pursuing to be the best I can be. Anime and hanging with friends are things I do on my down time.

    Anyways feel free to say hello.

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