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    Monster Ranger

    Hi Hi =)

    N00b here.  Seattle originally but now in Lynnwood WA.  I’ve been reading since before I could think, have dabbled in crafting dragons and Screamers and play way too much online.  A year and a half ago, my son gave me “Everyday is Halloween” print and I’ve been hooked since then.  (Because for me, every day really IS Halloween =p)  I decided today that it’s time to come out from under my rock and become a Ranger.  I hope to be able to make it out to meet folk at Monster Camp in August.



    Jennifer Lewis
    Monster Ranger

    Hello 🙂 I am Jennifer from San Diego, Ca. I just joined and pledged toward an appetizer for the Membership Kickstarter. I first met Daniel and Dawna in Seattle at ECCC when I lived in Spokane. I worked for a few comic/gaming stores and generally loved their wares and artwork. I purchased an art print, monster book and T-shirt over the years, when they were Steam Crow. I have been following along with their journey through their FB pages over the years. I am a huge fan of monsters, psychic abilities, the universe, cooking, camping, magick, art, hiking, crafts, reading, writing, photography, traveling, swimming, exploring, road-trips, music, games, movies, yoga, tea, animals, poetry and meditation! I am a junior in college, I’m in the elementary education program at VCSU. I have four-year old dog named LuLu and I a photographic memory, ohh and I’m an introvert, peace ✌🏼 Caw!


    Ranger Rory Moon
    Monster Ranger

    Hihi! My name is Moon & I love character creating/building + an excuse to get my tired bones out to the camp ground where my dog excels at all the things I aspire to do. I hope to meet so many awesome people & really dip into the creativeness I see in this community as both Rory (character, Scare Force) and Moon (ya local planet & human).

    Nice to meet you!


    Hello, I am Ranger Raven. My wife and I discovered this group at the Phx Comic Fest, by going to the mythic monster 101 class. Since we have dived into all that is Monster Ranger, and are having a blast putting together our outfits. We would love to join other active Tucson members in finding, studying and protecting local monsters. 🙂


    Dark Librarian Lauren
    Monster Ranger

    Hello! My name is Lauren. I finally caved and joined the rangers at phoenix comicon after eyeing them for about the last 2 years. I’m super excited to be here and share my love of monsters and Halloween.


    Heather Colb
    Monster Ranger

    Hi! My name Heather! I am excited to get involved with Monster Rangers and meet new people.


    Monster Ranger

    I’m Ayila, a new ranger from Arizona; My Friends and I run a small convention based business, and we’ve been seeing Steam Crow at shows for years. Just last year one of our number joined the rangers, and now she’s lured the rest of us in. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you! CAW!


    Aaron H.
    Monster Ranger

    Hey all…or should I say CAW!

    I’m Aaron, and I too have lurked around the Phoenix Comicafanfusionfestipalooza booth for the last couple years. I’ve decided to join up with the Signal Rangers due to my time in marching band, although i’ll probably dip into some Scare Force and Sea Rangers as well! I love music, I play drums in a band, and when i’m not playing I try to attend whatever I can that peaks my interest. Live music is good for the soul. I also love soccer, classic sci fi and adventure movies, and am a console gamer. Career wise I am working on getting my teaching certification to educate all the lil monsters out there.

    Excited to be here and meet all of you!


    Monster Ranger

    Hello there!

    I took one of the pamphlets at the Monster Rangers booth this last Monsterpalooza 2018. Ya’all looked great there! The booth was all themed out and got me curious. And here I am!

    I’ve been into monsters and horror stuff for as long as I can remember! I love making up my own creatures and have sketchbooks full of them. Looking forward to exploring the site and meeting new people~!


    Monster Ranger

    My name is Diana. I love all things Halloween. I set up a large yard haunt every year.
    I love classic horror films, anything paranormal. My favorite horror monster is Frankenstein.
    Bigfoot has always interested me. Thanks for letting me join this awesome group!


    Monster Ranger


    My name is Emi. I’m very into Kaiju and Yokai which is why I’ve decided to become a Yokai Ranger! Godzilla has always been my favorite monster since growing up, so it makes me proud to become this ranger. I’m also a local Artist that live in Tucson, AZ! I hope to meet everyone in the future XD.


    Jack Techcat
    Monster Ranger


    My name is Jackie. I live on the central coast of California. I love studying lore, mysticism, and science. I’ve traveled the world around with the Armed Forces, but also by myself in search of oddities and adventure. I love exploring new things and the occult. I have a knack for getting into binds but the luck necessary to survive. I’ve swam in the tentacled oceans of the California coast, battled large sand spiders in the deserts of Afghanistan, walked among the giant redwood tree monsters of Oregon, explored the painted caves of Utah, and enjoyed the merriments of booze indulgence with the goblins of Atlanta; just to name a few of my favorite adventures. Now I’ve found myself here and I look forward to adventuring with you all strange and lovely monster!


    Amanda Clonts
    Monster Ranger

    Hey there! I am introducing myself? My name is Amanda and I love monsters. Not much to say but I am really excited. Have a great day!



    Ricki Roo
    Monster Ranger


    My name is Ricki. I work at a high-end Chinese tea shop in CO and would love to chat about tea at any given moment. As of posting this I have a 12 fingered cat (he’s down to 11.5 due to an infection a few years ago) and he just turned 11 years old!

    I am obsessed with cheesy old horror/sci-fi/camp films, and my favorite at the moment is “Run, Pussycat! Kill, Kill!”This is not by any means a monster movie, but a fun romp nonetheless. I do make creepy little monster movies myself over on my youtube channel (epicrickiisepic).

    Thanks and I look forward to joining the community! ~


    Monster Ranger

    Hi! I’m Allyson and I live in Omaha! I’m a big reader of Sci Fi, Fantasy, and YA books. My latest obsession are various podcasts that range from actual plays to scripted dramas. Occasionally I can be crafty, I really like making flower crows and doing weird calligraphy.

    I first heard about this at Denver Comic Con in 2017 and then a few months later for Christmas my friend got me a Print from the Steam Crow store because I had gushed about how cool it was at the con and she hadn’t forgotten. Now I’m bored for the summer and thought I would actually get involved.

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