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    Monster Ranger

    Hullo, all. My name is M, and I’m an archaeologist-turned-archivist/public historian living in Detroit. I like coffee, dogs, spooky stuff, and old stuff–the weirder the better.


    Monster Ranger

    Hi I’m Jenn, I’ve been following the Scouts for a few years, walked away with the brochure more times than I can count. I just cleaned out my car, found one and ran to the computer. Here I am.


    Monster Ranger

    Hallo! I’m Jean/JD, nice to meet ya~
    I’m some spooky dweeb from Texas who watches too many cartoons and wears too much black and is way too aggressive at board games.
    I have a degree in business and a degree in mortuary science! I’m now a communist who dislikes the burial industry! Hooray! So instead I sell people coffee and I’m planning a bunch of novellas and short stories about spookums that I really need to break my writers’ block and put on paper.
    I enjoy wearing tiny shorts and hiking in the wee hours of the morning because it’s too dang hot around here to do it at a decent time of day. I also like to try to look for monsters while I do it, but mostly I just find cute snakes and birds. They are equally nice, though I fear being bitten by a snake a little more than being bitten by a chupacabra.
    I’m a little witchy beernerd too. Ægir would be proud of me.


    LeRoux Matau
    Monster Ranger

    Hi! my name is LeRoux. I discovered the monster rangers at ECCC and was totally sold on it. I”m from Seattle and I love D&D, terrible romance novels, and swimming. I’m really gonna have to think on what my favorite monster is. There are simply too many good ones!


    Cecillia C.
    Monster Ranger


    My name is Cecillia. I discovered Monster Scouts/Monster Rangers last year at SDCC2017. Finally bought the satchel and some spirit badges this year. I love food, especially BBQ, teas, and animals. I have three cats. I have interest in the occult, symbology, games, DIY, reading, and such. So looking at the badges makes me smile.


    Anjie Ketterer
    Monster Ranger

    My name is Anjie. yes…with a J.
    I am happy to be here. I have been a fan and believer in monsters for a very long time. I used to watch all the great monster movies with my father. As I got older and discovered biking I have been on many Nessie searches at our local lake. I keep trying to get him on film but I have not had any luck.
    I am also a believer in ghost. I have had many encounters with ghost. I believe my mom and dad have been to visit me.
    I used to love reading about different monsters while visiting the library, it is an activity I am going to get back to. I have missed it a lot.
    I like to have fun. I hope to make it to future camp outs. It won;t be until they come back to California again, but i have the desire to go when it is time.
    I am looking forward to earning my badges. I am excited.
    That’s all I can think to say right now.
    I am happy to be here and I can’t wait to get started. 🙂


    Gavin Rich
    Monster Ranger

    HELLO! I’m Gavin. I’ve been loitering around Steamcrow’s booth for many years at comic con and am finally jumping into the community. It has been great seeing their group grow and evolve into what it is today. I’m excited to meet those of you going to the California Camp this weekend!


    When not doing monster related activities, I am teaching people how to create monsters of their own for video games. I grew up in the foggy redwoods where we had a lot of things that went bump in the night and skittered in that space between light and shadow.


    Monster Ranger

    Hey all!

    It’s taken forever for me to actually post here, it’s been so long since I’ve been on a forum… Either way! Doggett here, discovered Monster Rangers via their booth at SDCC and I knew I had to check out this community.

    I’m a SoCal resident majoring in Queer Studies. I love creating art, reading comics, and werewolves are my jam. I’ve been trying to branch out into new hobbies and took up geocaching earlier this year. I’m having a lot of fun with it and I’m looking forward to getting more involved with the rangers, too. Definitely looking to make it out to camp outs eventually, but until then I look forward to getting to know folks on here!


    Anna Foxley
    Monster Ranger

    Hey there!

    Anna from Spokane Washington here. I’m a big fan of all things monster. 🙂 I found out about Monster Rangers from my local Comic Book Shop and I am super excited to meet all of you lovely weirdos. <3


    Dave Freireich
    Monster Ranger

    Hi, everyone! I’m Dave. I was introduced to the Rangers this year at San Diego Comic Con, and my wife, Windee and I were immediately smitten with the whole concept. I’m a native San Diegan, an excellent cook, a semi excellent writer, a decent coder, an up and coming wood worker, and a full time, life long, geek. My geek passions include comic books (an entire room of our house is a comic book library), B movies, gaming of every stripe (particularly RPGs), and all things Halloween.



    Christina Buff
    Monster Ranger

    Hello! (and/or CAW!) My name is Christina, though in my native San Diego I am better known as Gadget. I discovered Monster Rangers awhile back but a recent fb post by a friend reminded me I hadn’t done anything about joining!

    I’m big into folklore, storyelling, history, tabletop rpgs, and making things . In the last 10 years I’ve taught in 3 different museums and recently left that to work on my own business. I’m thinking Dark Librarian/Relic Guardian sounds like my bag in this group 🙂

    I now live in Tacoma, WA and I look forward to starting on this new adventure with you all!


    Hello you strange compendium of monstrous individuals! I am Mr Arm, a creator of wonder, out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I dabble in many fields of creation and welcome any fellow Rangers to visit my abode: Trundle Manor, a creepy little tourist trap in the hills of Swissvale, PA. I am always working on new creations or jarring/performing taxidermy on pets and critters brought as donation to The Manor, and welcome assistance of any kind!

    I look forward to being a part of the Monster Rangers!


    Chip Wilson
    Monster Ranger

    Hello Friends!
    Happy to be a new member of the Monster Rangers! Just spent a weekend camping in Carnation Washington with a fun group of diverse humans! I look forward to more events and outings. The group at Carnation was so welcoming, and I found my social anxiety was at minimal levels all weekend. Thank you all for welcoming me to the group with open arms.

    My favorite monster is Matt Mercer! He’s scared more people than I can count.


    Warren the Tauren
    Monster Ranger

    Hello!Hello! My name is Warren, and I’m an artist from WA in the Olympia area and I found out about the Monster Rangers from some good friends in Seattle. I’ve been trying to find some ways to feed my son’s imagination and growing fondness of monsters (which I’m more than happy to supplement with my love of Lovecraftian bliss) and I think the Monster Rangers are just the ticket. We’re looking to go to our first campout next year, but we’re eager beavers to go!


    Monster Ranger

    Hey, my name’s Marin, I’m a Canadian geek who loves horror stuff. It’s a pleasure to meet you all!

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