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    Monster Ranger

    Hello my name is TJ . I am new here I learned about the monster rangers at FanX in salt lake City Utah and have introduced it to my kids and they are super excited to become rangees


    Vanessa DeBroeck
    Monster Ranger

    Hi! I’m Vanessa. I found Steamcrows at Fanx 2018 and completely fell in love with the passion Daniel and Dawna for the Monster Rangers. I’m still in awe of the deep and detailed lore that they created. I was raised by hippies with a love for the strange and unusual. I love horror movies, my husky, travelling, being in nature and creating stuff like jewelry, paintings and stories. I live for the Halloween season.


    Bryce Williams
    Monster Ranger

    Hello Rangers!

    I’m Bryce aka Agent SourWolf. A big fan of the horror genre and by default Monsterology.

    One of my favorite books ever is the Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey, of which he has signed. Very worth checking out. (;

    I am a Dark Librarian who found his community via FanX’18 in SLC,

    and if you want to know more you can look up my profile.

    Looking to find friends and fiends alike.


    Monster Ranger

    CAW!  Hello everyone.  I am glad to join the Monster Rangers.  I was lucky enough to join the Spokane camp this year.  I hope to get to know more of you soon.


    Monster Ranger

    My name is bonnie. I’ve been lurking your site since I realized that I missed the summer kickstarter. The person who originally shared it? That could have been Mandy, Karen or Charlotte but Charlotte is the one who added me to the fb group so I could lurk there for a while. On the fb page everyone is incredibly nice. I’m pretty sure statistically that’s not normal but it’s nice. Like the people.
    I like to take pictures of things. People. Trees. Trees are so shifty. Water is my favorite.


    Monster Ranger

    Hello! My name is Sage and I live in Washington state. I have always loved all things scary/halloween and probably always will. I frequent comicon in cosplay (when money allows), and I also really enjoy cooking for friends and family alike.

    My uncle (Slothturtle) introduced me to this and now has me hooked.I am excited to meet new people and learn new things here!


    Hector Waspknot
    Monster Ranger

    Hey! I’m… somebody. I don’t typically give out my name on a whim, but I’m currently a student somewhere in Kansas. I’m a practicing witch and graffiti artist, and in my craft I work mostly with energies and defensive work. I love horror podcasts (my favorites are Lore and The Magnus Archives), and I’ve toyed with the idea of starting my own for some time now. I look forwards to learning more about the Monster Rangers. Catch ya’ll later!

    (Call me Cussock for now. I’ll think of an alias more suitable later.)


    Monster Ranger

    Hi! I’m Phillip, my name meaning “lover of horses” is a pretty good summary of who I am. I used to drive horse drawn covered wagons in Alaska, now I work at a farm that grows produce.

    I also have a 6 toed black cat.


    Kat Britt
    Monster Ranger

    Hello! My name is Kat and I’m a art student/monster ranger from Orange County, California. I just heard about this at Designer Con and I can’t wait to get more involved.



    Rex The Impossible
    Monster Ranger

    Hey Hey!

    I’m Rex, I’m based out in LA, I’m a Professional Clown & a Burlesque Emcee. I really dig making people laugh. I love Monsters, Supernatural things that bump in the night & Cryptozoology. I dig attending Ren. Fairs & Comic Conventions. Looking to hang with my fellow Los Angeles based Rangers.



    Mer Behan
    Monster Ranger

    Hallo! My name is Mer and I found out about the Monster Rangers at Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma, WA. I’m from Seattle, WA and am thrilled to do some things with others from my area. I really love werewolves but most monsters are OK in my book. of Steam Crow a


    Joshua Fick
    Monster Ranger

    Hello, Everyone!

    My name is Josh, and from the looks of things, I am one of few members from the East Coast… I might need to make a custom badge for the M.R.E.(Monster Rangers East) though, because I am determined to drum up interest on this end of the country. Apart from myself, I have 2 others at this moment who love this concept and want to join in, with at least 4 other personal friends who would be on-board immediately the next time I talk with them. What kind of rules are there for individual “local chapters” of the Monster Rangers? Would it be alright to host various game nights/outings/swap meets while kind of flying the Monster Rangers flag? Like “Oh, you’re having fun? Well, the Monster Rangers like to have fun, and if you’re a fun person, you should join up with us!” *hands flyer*

    I guess I’m just excited, and curious, and I want to help in any way I can to put this group on the map over here.  Sorry if I’m just rambling on. 😛


    Monster Ranger

    Hi everyone! I’m Alexandra. I’m a 30 year old mother of 2 and part-time stay at home mom. I’m into reading, baking, crafting, tabletop rpg, and I’m OBSESSED with podcasts.

    Looking forward to getting to know this community! If there’s anyone here from northwest Washington, hit me up!


    Monster Ranger

    Hi, I’m Russell (Or Stainless) from Seattle by way of New Orleans.  At ECCC today, I was drawn to the Monster Rangers’ Booth because of the rad t-shirts being offered (I ended up buying three!).  Then I looked up what you were and instantly knew y’all were my kind of people.

    Love all things supernatural, and I’m excited to meet some of y’all and start building up my spirit badge collection.


    Brandon Newquist
    Monster Ranger

    Hello everyone!

    I first found out about Monster Rangers at ECCC. Since I have a soft spot for creepy and spooky things, this definately caught my curiosity! Glad it did. I have since joined and cannot wait to earn badges and make new friends.

    My wife and I live in Western Washington. I have always loved the monster and horror genre since I was little. I love art, I draw and paint as much as I can. I also enjoy the outdoors, exploring and just getting away from reality.

    Never had a chance to be boy scout but hey; being a Monster Ranger seems cooler! CAW!

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