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    Steam Crow

    Post images/photos of your Mission 7 Art here! I want to see it, and other Rangers do, too!


    Cameron Wadey
    Monster Ranger


    Earl is an adventurous sort of monster, but due to his lack of a brain, he can be (obviously) absent minded which sometimes results in him having the same adventures over & over again, because he can’t remember that he already did it. But he doesn’t let that stop him, and he wants all Monsters & Rangers to keep dreaming & adventuring.
    (I posted this on the Scouts page when I did it, and I already got my badge, but thought I would re-post it here so it wasn’t lost forever.  Because I am still pretty proud of it.)


    Charles Turnbow
    Monster Ranger

    Ack. Finally got around to posting this. Last year I was in a Ceramics course, and we were making slab mugs, which are ceramic mugs made by rolling out and cutting slabs, making a cylinder with one and using that to cut a base with another slab. We were also tasked with making designs on each one. I tried using a process called mishima, where you carve into the clay and use a different color of clay as a sort of inlay.

    It’s not how I would have liked it, but some of the witch stitches for Body, Mind, and Spirit are around the base if you squint a little.



    Rich Sigfrit
    Monster Ranger

    I created a page all about the proper care of your monster for an Adobe Course I took.  Does that count?



    Elizabeth Castor
    Monster Ranger

    Finally got around to posting this … but here’s my scout keepers box complete with secret compartment.

    I used the logo on the new monster rangers card for the lid of the box. On the inside of the lid, I took the packing tape from my orders and wove it together and attached a stylized map of Colorado. Finally, I used the checkerboard deli-paper packed in with my orders to line the inside of the box and create a false bottom for those top-secret Ranger communiques.

    Once all the design parts were in place, I got it all scuzzy and “dirty” both inside and out.

    1-top of box

    2.2-inside lid of box

    3.2-inside box

    4.2-ssshhhh its a secret


    Monster Ranger


    “Why else would they want teeth?”

    My quick take on the crone for Mission 7!


    Guillermo the IVth
    Monster Ranger

    As part of the Dark Librarian Ranger Branch’s efforts to categorize the as yet unsorted volumes in the Black Acre Lodge’s vaults, I’ve used a forgotten variant of Library Hand in tandem with an ancient Persian Red Think Ink to create a portable card catalog listing the priceless and heretofore unknown private editions related to my specialization in Norse Esoterica. These source materials contain valuable (and protected) information on monsters such as thurses, dvergar, ljósálfar, landvættir, draugr, and others. For the sake of preservation, the cards have been laminated in a sturdy 10 mil mylar and the punches reinforced with coloured tyvek rounds. Viewing of this specialty catalog is available upon review of application.

    NorsePlay Esoterica Card Catalog


    Rich Sigfrit
    Monster Ranger

    Bertram the Feratu

    Here is my art submission. This is Bertram. He’s a Feratu.


    Rich Sigfrit
    Monster Ranger


    Here is one with his name on it and a few minor tweaks.


    Monster Ranger

    Samantha Richardson
    Monster Ranger


    I found this in my old 1983 field journal, from my trip to the High Uintas looking after Inflancabras (don’t ask) that had been seen by one of my fellows. I had no idea what it was, and I only managed to catch a glimpse. It was surrounded by a dim, purple nimbus of energy and I mistook it for a spirit of some sort at the time. I told myself I would research it when I actually found the Inflancabras, and, after the ensuing excitement, promptly forgot about the magnificent cryptid I had witnessed.

    Going through the notes on this site, I suddenly remembered this sketch. I looked through my old journals, and there it was.

    I don’t want to put too much weight on that night, but I think I might have had a Marrow Thatch sighting.

    I’m a bit delirious over the prospect, and kicking myself for not following through.




    Monster Ranger


    Confused about badges?
    Don’t know how to get that one badge?
    Look no further!

    Make Your Own Collector’s Checklist Today!

    -2 .jpg to print
    -pictures of how to assemble
    -pictures of what mine looks like

    ENJOY & CAW!

    *additional instruction*

    (I am posting a better version of this and a link that actually works)


    Posted by Jhenn Bowlsby on Thursday, May 17, 2018


    Rich Sigfrit
    Monster Ranger

    I’ve already got this badge, but I love me some Monster Rangers! I needed to do a Travel Article for a class I’m working on, and I thought there is no better place than Monstru!



    Rich Sigfrit
    Monster Ranger

    And our next assessment was to make a magazine. All of the information was swiped from the site, and I did make sure to mention all of the information belongs to the fine folks at Steam Crow LLC. I hope you Rangers enjoy it!



    Francisco Reyes Jr.
    Monster Ranger


    My haunted Clown Bites painting! Bought from Jasper the Troll (very sketchy troll). Told it was one of the treats gifts given when ordering the Tiny Bites Meals….

    side note: sometimes small giggle can be heard , could be kids but it’s usually late at night…

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