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    Chaplain Tim
    Monster Ranger

    Greetings fellow Rangers. It is I, Ranger Tim Shafer, one of your favorite Lego Nerds with the information you have been wanting…. How to make custom Monster Ranger Lego minifigures. This project of mine is the beginnings of making my ongoing webcomic about the adventures of Ranger Steve, an Adventure Ranger, who has training in every branch to help out where needed and Chappie a Ranger Medic (who is really a Crow Ranger to spy on Monsterologists and fight Plug Uglies. Who would suspect a Medic that is also a Chaplain?)

    I started this project a few years ago by finding some of my minifigures had facial qualities that matched myself, Steve and Daniel. I then found a few off-brand, Lego compatible websites that had parts and pieces that Lego doesn’t sell, like the garrison cap, and the concept was born. Below is a list of links that will help you find the pieces for the Monster Rangers. For the bodies I used various Lego body parts I had and I will explain them in detail.

    Lego Figs

    Ranger Steve! I used standard black pants, the grey shirt comes from the Adventure Jungle theme from 1999. The original figure was named Rudo Villano (or Max Villano). There have been better grey shirts put out without the guns, but I have since found this one,
    http://www.lapetitebrique.com/en/lego-accessories-minifig-torso/2532-lego-acessories-minifig-torso-six-button-placket-light-bluish-gray.html which is better than the one with the guns. The beard and hat are off-brand from the Company BrickForge and can be found here:



    Chappie: The capelet is from the Little Red Riding Hood minifigure they put out in Series 7 of the Minifigure series that are sold as mystery packs. You can easily find them or the capelet online. The beard is from the Lego Nexo Knights set 70327, the King’s Mech as well as others. Just type in a search for “Lego beard” and you should get plenty of options to choose from.

    That should give you a quick idea of where to look for the Rangers Minifigures. The other branches are easy to find also: Sea Rangers, Skull Rangers, Doom Mime, Tiger Cargo Carriers….

    Medic is a bit tricky, though for that I will direct you to https://www.brickwarriors.com/. Look under the medieval tab and find the Plague Doctor. There are many other great things to find hidden in this site. In fact most of my findings are between BrickWarriors and BrickForge.

    If you are looking for specific Lego brand parts and don’t know where to go, I use lego parts as a reference and you can find monster minifigures for sale here http://www.abrickworld.com/,

    Now for the bad guys….

    Monsterologists: Monster Fighters Lego Sets. These might be a bit difficult to find, but you can get the individual figures on Ebay or Amazon.

    Dr. Rodney Rathbone, Ann Lee, Frank Rock, Jack McHammer, and Major Quinton Steele are the named figures. They might not show up on the search engines as such, but if you type in the set number, they will. Here is a link to the Brickipedia page that is specifically for the Monster Fighter sets.

    Monster Fighters

    The Plug Ugly henchmen are from various City sets, mostly from the Police line. I recommend going to a Lego store and doing the Build Your Own Figures or finding them online.

    As far as monsters go there are several that Lego has put out over the years, just have fun and go find some. Also look through the other pages already listed, you might find some surprises. These pages are not the only ones that are out there. I trust them and the quality of the brick pieces because I’ve ordered from them before.

    So, good luck Rangers and I hope you have as much fun as I do with Lego Rangers. LEt me know what you have found and please post pictures of your creations.


    Rich Sigfrit
    Monster Ranger

    That’s tremendous!


    Jeff “Zag” Witham
    Monster Ranger

    TheThese are so totally RAD! Great job!se


    Jeff “Zag” Witham
    Monster Ranger

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    K. Burd
    Monster Ranger

    fantastic! assembling (at least) one of these will be a good project! thanks for all the info!

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