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    Here’s an awesome idea… you can make your own Ranger Beads/Worry Beads. Ranger Beads are used as a manual counting tool to keep track of distance traveled through a pace but there are people who use Ranger Beads as a Fidget Toy or other stuff. Traditionally, Ranger Beads are made using twenty-two inches of 550 paracord with four beads on top and nine beads on the bottom…. however, you can make your own set of Ranger Beads using your desired number of beads and any desired length of paracord using my tutorial.

    NOTE: You can find the 550 paracord and 3/32 paracord at fleet farm and the brand of paracord that I would strongly recommend is Atwood Rope Manufacturing incorporated which is made here in the USA and you can find the pony beads at any arts and craft store but I would prefer buying pony beads from Joann Fabrics.

    Ranger Beads/Worry Beads Tutorial:

    Things you’ll need:
    – Any length of 550 or 3/32 paracord
    – Any number of pony beads
    – Scissors
    – Masking Tape

    1. Gather your supplies and make sure you have enough paracord and pony beads.

    2. Cut your 550 paracord or 3/32 paracord to your desired length with a pair of scissors and make sure you tie a knot at the bottom so the beads will not fall off and put some masking tape on the ends of the paracord but if you have 3/32 paracord…. skip step 3 and move to step 4, step 5 and step 6.

    3. Take out the inner strands of your paracord as you will need it to be able to slide the beads on the paracord.

    4. String any number of desired pony beads on to the paracord but leave one inch so the beads can slide easily.

    5. After you have strung your desired number of pony beads on to the paracord, tie a knot at the top about one inch to form a loop at the top.

    6. Burn the bottom ends of the paracord to prevent the ends at the bottom from fraying.

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