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    Ranger Rory Moon
    Monster Ranger

    Hi all,

    I just joined the Scare Force and I want to keep a journal of all my experiences – it’s a wild world once you know there’s monsters in it!
    Feel free to ask any questions or tell me some of your own stories :>)

    ‘Till next time,

    – Ranger Rory


    Ranger Rory Moon
    Monster Ranger


    I just joined the Monster Rangers exactly two days ago. Seems fast, right? Well. Let me tell you a story.

    Not long ago I was sitting in my room, rummaging through a box of trinkets my pup and I collected that day, and my pup looks straight at my bedroom wall and starts huffing. She does it all the time, huffs at noises as if to warn me, then quiets down and starts roughing up some toy. But this time? This time she kept huffing. Staring at my wall, huffing. It escalated to a bark, sharp. Then again. A bark.

    At this point I curl up under the covers because I’ve become scared, I start thinking there’s something she can see that I can’t. Like she has supervision and there’s probably a skullface there staring right at me and all she can do is bark. In my head I start to think my pup is barking, “Hey! Get out of here! Who are you! Get out of here!” and now I’m practically in tears.

    Then I see it. A little shimmer bouncing off the light of my lamp, a little wing fluttering there. Then I see all of it – a little fairy buzzing around, probably so frightened at my lady pup’s barking. I tried reaching out my hand to touch her… but she bit me. I guess I forgot that not all fairies are nice… especially when your dog it yelling at it.

    After seeing that little wind dancer in my room, I started to see them everywhere! Three shimmering around my happy pothos plant (named Pilot of course), one dipping her toes is my old cereal bowl filled with water, six living in my shelves. There were so many!!  Who knew I had been living in such a crowded little home.

    Well, after trying to accommodate my new guests for a few days (the barking finally stopped by then), I realize where all these fairies came from. Yeah, you guessed it – my bedroom window was cracked open the whole time and they can just came in, uninvited. It took me days to negotiate with their leader to move back into the woods where they came from. We finally agreed that I host monthly lunches for them so that they can discuss their political meetings in a neutral ground in exchange for them moving back to their homes. Their first lunch will June 14th. I should start learning how to cook…

    Anyway, after I saw those fairies, I started to see all sorts of creatures everywhere. It’s like I woke up.

    I’ve always heard of the Monster Rangers, but I thought it was a wacko thing so I never thought to join. Turns out they were right all along, that monsters are real.

    You know, once I heard the leader fairy’s hardships (her name is [REDACTED] by the way) living in the wild, I knew I had to make a difference.

    So I joined the Monster Rangers as part of the Scare Force! Might as well give my flight skills some use.

    Thanks for reading – hope to meet some friends & help some monsters!

    – (newly) Ranger Rory


    Ranger Rory Moon
    Monster Ranger


    Thought I’d be saving monsters left and right since joining, but turns out it takes a little training just to scope them out! They’ve adjusted pretty well to the world we’re in, I guess. I mean, this whole time I thought fairies were just fruit flies.

    This entry is going to be very short, no real updates… except that I’m pretty sure my dog is being weird. Can dogs communicate with other monsters? If so, does she know the fairy-kind secrets? Where does she escape to during the day in the woods? Why is she always covered in dark gooey goop when she comes home?

    I’m pretty suspicious. I’ll note any other weird changes in her behavior over the next few days… it’s certainly more interested than my day job.

    Until then, see ya!
    – Ranger Rory


    Monster Ranger

    My Boxer girl, Gracie, could see ghosts.  So I see no reason your puppy wouldn’t be able to see faerie =)  (I also once had a smallish wiener dawg who could see elves.  But we soon discovered he wasn’t really seeing elves….he was just a bit neurotic.)

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