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    Monster Ranger

    Hey hey, Snail here.  Went to update some badges on my profile, but getting errors on a couple.

    Any sort of magic trick I should know to get these working?  Anyone else having a spot o’ trouble?

    • Hatter
    • Monstro Camp 2018 Boggra
    • Breakfast

    Steam Crow

    Hey Snail!

    This is my fault; I’ve not entered those brand new badges to the site yet. Sorry about that.

    I’ll get to work on that today.

    However, Hatter should be a go; it’s a patch we’ve had for a long time. I’ll add that to your profile.

    Check on the others tomorrow.


    Steam Crow

    Update: Monstro Camp and Breakfast can now be registered on the site now.

    Thank you!


    Monster Ranger

    Oh sweet.  I didn’t realize I was being so progressive.

    Thank you!


    Monster Ranger

    Night owl keeps reeling me I have a bad code


    Ranger Rory Moon
    Monster Ranger

    I’m unsure of how to register badges… I only see a place to redeem them. Where should I go to enter my secret codes?

    – Moon


    Jennifer Lewis
    Monster Ranger

    I’m unable to register my large Monster Rangers Hex badge ✌🏼


    Monster Ranger

    I am unable to register my nux badge, it keeps saying invalid code.


    Ranger Matt
    Monster Ranger



    I also am receiving an invalid code bleep bloop for the Nux badge.

    Also, does anyone know where we can request a code for a core badge purchased at the PHX Comic Con Fan Fest Fusion thing this past weekend? Sadly, my Monster Medic patch one appears to have vanished.

    Thanks again!



    Lady Drac
    Monster Ranger

    Rory – The “Redeem a Badge” is where you register the secret codes.

    Jennifer – I don’t think the large hex patch comes with a code to redeem, unless this is something brand new that was added, in which case Daniel may not have had the chance to add it to the website yet.

    Lauren and Matt – Not sure what the Nux badge is – if it’s brand new, it probably hasn’t been added by Daniel yet. He mentioned he’d get to adding the new ones in the next few days.

    Matt – Daniel might be able to add it to your profile for you if you message him about it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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