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    B Cole
    Monster Ranger

    I was wondering if people would like to share what got them into monsters and such. I’m actually really curious if people have similar reasons or if people have specific tales/encounters that ahve sparked their interest so please share!

    For me, as a child I spent most of my time alone and, you know, being quiet. When I got scared or when I was sneaking about, I got the idea that if it were monsters (and not just an old house) then I would be safe if I was one of them. Friendly-fire or competition wasn’t a thing for me then. I thought if I came across some hulking, flesh-eating creature, I could BS my way out of harm and maybe even get some company out it. “Oh, hello comrade. Can I join you?” I was imaginative, but not a very sensible child, I think.

    I only got more into monsters whenever I would hide under tables and behind corners to watch the horror movies my parents would watch after I had “gone to bed” and it was (probably worryingly) very easy to break into my mother’s cabinets of “adult books” which were largely postmodern fiction and Anne Rice. I remember having to ask a teacher what to do if I read a book and didn’t understand it and the poor guy happily told me “Read it eight times!” and I followed his advice. He dropped some of his naivety when I started bringing the books to school, but by then he must have gotten to know me better and didn’t cause me any problems. Third grade for me was keeping a ratty copy of The Vampire Lestat pressed to my chest whenever I didn’t have it open. For the record, I never had any Twilight-esque fantasies–I treated vampires like role models, not ridiculous ideals for future lovers. I never wanted to date Lestat, I wanted to be him.

    So, basically… I have never got over that idea of joining up with the monsters in the dark.

    I do wish I had some whimsical story of an encounter or of a mystery, but sneaking around, alone in the dark, with an overactive imagination and some books is all I’ve got. 😉


    Holly Woosey
    Monster Ranger

    I got into monsters very early on. Me and my dad would watch all the monster movies together, and go monster hunting (i know, i know). I was conviced there were monsters hiding in my room and I was terrified of them. Every night I would check my bed, and lie awake waiting for them to get me. It wasnt untill much later that I realised they just wanted to be friends and my hunting turned into finding and helping. My over active imagination deffinitely helped me see them and I was quite a lone wolf when I was a kid, so monsters seemed like the perfect play buddies.

    My love of them grew and grew and I would and still do try and read up about all the different monsters all over the world!


    I grew up reading world myths – greek and roman to start, than anything else I could get my hands on. Then I moved on to fairy tales – Red Fairy book, etc. Anything my local library had. I could list off mythological creatures that most people had never heard of. Then I found ‘modern’ monsters, such as chupracabra, bigfoot, and others in folklore.
    I love seeing and learning the connections between monsters and creatures in history and the ones in our ‘modern’ history, and even ones in pop culture today.


    Steam Crow

    When I was a kid, I was first fascinated with dinosaurs… the first monsters I’d ever seen. (My parents were probably very careful to NOT show me any monster stuff when I was little… but dinosaurs were real.)

    Then, Halloween came around, and I saw Vampires, Ghosts, and Frankenstein costumes… and I was into that. I was a Dracula for the next 6 or 7 years.

    Then I learned that there were monster movies, and started exploring the old 30’s-60’s films that would be played either at midnight or Saturday at noon on “Creature Feature.” Harryhausen, Universal Monsters and Godzilla films were the gold standard I was after.

    Then, when I was about 13, I discovered Dungeons & Dragons. My mind exploded. I could do MORE with monsters. I could fight monsters in game, or (better) I could imagine monsters, how they lived, what they did, who they were… and I was totally smitten.

    When we started Steam Crow, we knew that it had to be about monsters… but he trouble was, it had to be “pro-monsters” somehow. We just didn’t quite know how. We made a couple books about monsters (Caught Creatures and Klawberry), and a bunch of monster art. (Sometimes pro monster, sometimes not.)

    I used to give a talk called “Monster Abduction Is Real” as Dr. Duke Davis, Monsterologist. It was comical, around the idea that monsters were everywhere, and that they were an affront to humanity. It’s clear that Dr. Davis is barmy, seeing signs of monsters everywhere and proclaiming that they are all “HUMANITARIANS”, meaning they eat humans. It was fun, but…

    After a while, I realized that Dr. Davis’ talk was the opposite stance we wanted Steam Crow to have, so we turned that into our enemy: Monsterology.

    Now that we have the Rangers, we have a full-on “I LOVE MONSTERS” stance, where we should be. Most “monster scouting” things we now encounter are anti-monster, like the Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse… which is fine by me.


    Monster Ranger

    Ahhh, yep. Just like the post above me, DINOSAURS were my earliest introduction to monsters! They all looked so cool and alien but they were REAL and they used to live here a long time ago! Weird looking animals in general, stuff found deep in the ocean, and whatever lived under the big rock by the front door. Fairy tales, hardcore German children’s stories, and Greek mythos were all fed into my imagination from a very early age.

    My mom was a nurse and had a bookshelf full of medical books. Looking through those probably sparked my interest into the horror world.
    My dad also introduced me to scary video games when I was way too young. Even when they gave me nightmares, I still loved them! Played a lot of the Quest series games – Always loved the crazy storybook worlds those had. We also watched a lot of stuff like Godzilla, Gamera, Beetlejuice, Dracula, lots of sci-fi channel shows.

    When I got older, about middle school, I started really liking zombies and werewolves and drew a lot of them. I feel like I’m in good company here when I say that werewolves are cool as heck. I drew my own monsters. I’d play a game where I’d ask someone to name 2 animals and draw the hybrid. I watched LOTS of cartoons and anime with cool monsters in them – still do!

    In the last few years I got into making creature costumes and simple animatronics. I go to Halloween cons when I get the time to see how things are made and ask questions. It’s all for fun so I find ways to do it within my budget…which is a challenge in itself.

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