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    Monster Ranger

    I’m originally from East Brunswick, NJ. I eventually moved to Arizona, first Tempe (with my Grandmother) until we got our house in Phoenix. I’m now in Apache Junction.


    Monster Ranger

    I was born in New Zealand, But have lived in Australia for 29 years!


    Gabriel Van Wyhe
    Monster Ranger

    Live in University Place (just outside of Tacoma WA) in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Perfect location for soggy and moldy monsters. CAW


    A Tuesday
    Monster Ranger

    I’m from Los Angeles. I’ve lived in different parts of SoCal my entire life; I’m currently in Burbank. :B


    Fester MacKrell
    Monster Ranger

    I was born and imprinted in the Dakotas, but have been in the PNW long enough to lose my accent.


    Herr Doktor Jungling
    Monster Ranger

    5th generation born in Colorado and I’m still here… I’m not sure I could survive long under 6,000 feet.


    Ginny Caynak
    Monster Ranger

    I’m from the lovely Salt Lake City, though I’m wondering how to find other people in the branch around here 🙂


    Larry Cerda
    Monster Ranger

    Houston, TX


    Monster Ranger

    Born in CA but moved to San Juan Island in the PNW when I was 4.  Spent my teens in Seattle, my “stable period” in EverRot (Everett for those not familiar) and am now gearing up for my wise years in Lynnwood, WA.


    Ranger Rory Moon
    Monster Ranger

    Rory (character): Born and raised in the desert winds of Arizona.

    Moon (human): Born in Washington to a military family that raised me in Texas. Moved to Arizona for college & seeing here the tree of life takes me next 🙂


    Monster Ranger

    Raised in the middle-of-nowhere New Hampshire, moved to Los Angeles almost 9 years ago. Took a very long time to adjust from country living to city life.


    Monster Ranger

    Kansas City,MO.


    Jack Techcat
    Monster Ranger

    Currently San Luis Obispo, CA.


    Amanda Clonts
    Monster Ranger

    Littleton, Colorado


    Monster Ranger

    I am from Aurora, CO

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