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    Ricki Palmisano
    Monster Ranger

    I am from Fort Collins,CO. I would love to hear from other NOCO people!


    Monster Ranger

    Born and raised in Colorado, moved to Detroit last year. I miss thin, dry air.


    Monster Ranger

    Born in Houston, Texas. Boarding school in Cambridge, England; moved stateside briefly and then to Aberdeen, Scotland for uni. Came back here cuz I was all jobless and visaless and whatnot; still in H-town. Who knows, maybe I’ll run away somewhere else one day, but I haven’t found anywhere else to truly call home yet.


    Cecillia C.
    Monster Ranger


    Born in Taiwan, came to the California around 5-6 years old.

    Been in LA County, SoCal most of my life.


    Bryce Williams
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    A Utah native, not that that’s the greatest.

    Born in Orem, partly raised in Provo, and partly raised in Salem, where I still live.

    Great little town, with a library where I spend most of my time servicing the community (as well as the Monstro world beyond) 🙂


    Monster Ranger

    Born on the Canadian border almost… In Buffalo. Spent my formative years in Ct, my enlisted years in Nebraska and then moved to AZ.


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    Born and raised in Fargo, ND. Then wound up moving to the Greater Seattle Metro area, for my teen years, and then I kinda went off to Alaska for a while and now I bounce between Washington and Alaska


    Mer Behan
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    I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ and then moved to Seattle, WA and been here since.


    Monster Ranger

    Washington state, born and raised, baby! Currently in Oak Harbor 😍


    Brandon Newquist
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    Born and raised in Socal, I am Desert Rat lol! Relocated to Washington State in 2015 for work. Definately love it up here!


    Monster Ranger

    Born and raised in Wisconsin, been moving around since the early 2000’s, army wife. Currently located in the Olympia, WA area. So far, it’s been my favorite.


    Monster Ranger

    I lived in New Jersey through high school (2 different towns but one was only when I was very young). I was in Worcester MA for undergrad. My parents moved to North Carolina when I went to undergrad so I was coming to NC during breaks. I had a 5-6 month study abroad in Osaka Japan during Junior year of undergrad.  I did my first grad school program in Chapel Hill North Carolina (this was not my parents house/I had my own apartment. It was about an hour from there but still went there during breaks/have a room there).  I went to my second grad program in Orlando Florida. Towards the end of that I lived in Maryland for an internship. I lived at my parents house in NC doing contract work and job hunting for a while. No I’m in Phoenix Arizona.

Viewing 12 posts - 31 through 42 (of 42 total)

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