Just as in any culture, a specialized lingo has emerged from the folk of Obscuria. More results are being added as they are discovered.

Applegak – A swill, sold by Goblins, made from spoiled apples and offal. Don’t drink it.
Applesauce – An expletive same as horsefeathers, as in “Ah applesauce!”
Automat – Mechanical creatures such as Halloween Golems, Vendomats, and Clockwork Wonders. Marrow Thatch is an Automat.

Bark – To yell.
Barkbox – Your mouth, or face. “Oh, Imma gonna sock you in the barkbox if you don’t lay off!”
Barto – A Montalk word for “Barter Circle”.
Bash – To fight or engage in combat.
Bearcat – a hot-blooded or fiery girl.
Big Six – A strong person, comparing him/her to the six cylinder engines.
Bishop – A fool, loser, or jerk; often swindled.
Blackfinger – A Clocktalker.
Blink – To sleep or rest.
Broom – A Witch or Warlock, implying no affiliation with the Monster Rangers.
Booko – A Dark Libarian.
Boomer – A very large and physically imposing monster. “That owlbear is BOOMER! RUN!”
Botch – Broken or ineffective. “The Tela tried read his mind, but it was botch.”
Boxbath – Literally, to be buried alive. Also, dead. “Jervis took a boxbath today, sadly.”
Brasser – A Deepsea Ranger.
Bright – A regular person that can Imagine8. “That Hawkshaw, he’s a Bright one.”
Buttonman, Buttondame – Low level gangsters.
Bubblehead – A Sea Ranger.

Cad – A dishonorable person or monster.
Canvas – A good tent.
Casket – An old wooden ship, barely more seaworthy than a rock. Many Deepsea Ranger vessels are Casket-class.
Charmer – One who makes Charms; Conjure Guard.
Clown – An insulting term for a Doom Mime.
Cork – A bandage, or to bandage. “Cork me up, Medcrow!”
Crazu – Wacky, insane, nuts.
Crumb – A mean, despicable person.
Crust – Canned Monster Rangers Rations (MRR); generally considered poor fare.

Dame – A lady.
Dancing Daisies – To be in great danger.
Dan’s – Canyon Dan’s, a brand of high quality, canned field rations that come in flavors that are signified by numbers.
Doomshine – Illegal alcohol, mainly consumed by monsters. (And abused by Trolla.)
Drusto – A rusty drink that intoxicates Automats; Monsters and Manlings can’t swallow the stuff.

Edge – Intoxication, a buzz.  i.e. “I’ve got an edge.”
Engine Juice – A special blend of Petrol, made by members of the Scare Force.

Fane – False or fake.
Feast – A rich cache of supplies or wealth, discovered in the Field.
– A Federal officer.
Field, The – Anyplace outside of cities and Monster Rangers encampments; the wilderness. Typically, a Ranger’s favorite place.
Foon – An unknown or uncategorized Monster.

Gudd – A derogatory Monster word for “non-monster”.
– Goblin alcohol so bad that it is barely drinkable; swill.
Gander – A look. “Take a gander at that Grig over there!”
Gardenspark – A campfire.
Glass, Glassy – Fragile.
Graver – A Skull Ranger.
Grifter – A con artist.
Grig – A small creature, such as a Goblin.
Grimbo – Bad. “That plan is completely grimbo, if you ask me.”

Hagglehag – A rather tight-fisted merchant. The term first refered to Witches, many of them were considered the best traders at Barter Circle. (Though you’d only call one a “Hagglehag” behind their backs.)
Hatter – A Monsterologist or Plug Ugly.
Hawkshaw – A detective.
Hayburner – A gas guzzling car, vehicle, or machine.
Hellbilly – A hillbilly Trolla, most likely hopped up on Doomshine.
Hollow – One who cannot see the splendors of Obscuria; see “Nodd”.
Hood – A questionable person.
Hoodwink – To trick someone.
Hoosegow – Prison.
Hornpatch – A horned monster, of any sort.

I-8 See “Imagine8”. “Oh, she can I-8. Don’t let that orchid-face fool you…”
– The ability to see the monster world of Obscuria. Some consider it a form of Enlightenment.

Jackwagon – A vehicle of questionable quality. “His twinner looks like a rife jackwagon to me.”
Jake – Okay, alright. “Is everything Jake over there?”
Jinx – A minor or small spell.
Jitney – A nickel.
Juke – To trick. “Juke those Scarfs over here, so we can hoodwink ‘em.”

Lay Off – To quit. “Come on, lay off the insults, Swag!”
Lick – The smallest amount. “He doesn’t have a lick of sense.”
Livewire – An energetic or lively person.
Looner – A cultist or unsane person who can Imagine8.
Lunachick – A crazy dame!

Manling – A human of any sort, man, woman, or child. Used by Monsters.
Mask – A Doom Mime.
Medcrow – A Monster Medic.
Monstru – The Monster world, on the other side of Earth. Not to be confused with Obscuria, which overlays the Earth.
Montalk – The nearest thing to common language of Monster-kind. It’s a hodgepodge of Trulltah (Trolla), Gobbspek (Goblinspeak), and Faenthiel (Fae), most likely invented through conversations surrounding the Barter Circle ages ago.
Mort – Short for “Monster Mort”, it signifies the valuable monster resources such as ivory, horns, tusks, scales, fur, etc. Traded on the black market, and quite valuable to Monsterologists.
Mush – The mouth. “I’ll bust ya in the mush!”

Nodd – A portmanteau of “not odd”. A person who can’t Imagine8. See “Hollow”.
Noodlesoup – Guts. “That boy has some real noodlesoup, lemme tell ya.”

Oar – A member of a Deepsea Ranger ship’s crew.
Obb – Obscuria, the “enlightened” world of monsters, weird weather, and haunted landscapes.
Obscuro – The Monster coinage of Obscuria, minted into small brass coins. Most Rangers end up with a few in their pockets and pouches.
Orchid – An expensive or valuable item. Sometimes refers to beauty.

Pinepuncher – A Sasquatch.
Pipe Down – Be quiet.
Plink – Money, bullion coins, cash.
Plug, Plugs – A Plug Ugly or Plug Uglies.
Plug Ugly – Hanger-on thugs, under the employ of a Monsterologist. They are typical uneducated, brutish, and tough. They can be recognized by their tin-stamped armored hats and worn clothing.
Poacher – Monsterologist.
Posh – Fancy. “That Poacher diplomat looks extra posh.”

Queen, The – Refers to “the Crow Queen” the head of the Monster/Fae Court. While actual documented sightings are nearly non-existent, The Queen is considered the most dangerous soul in all of Obscuria. Her coins are brass (“Obscuro”) with the image of a Crow on one side. According to Monster legend, you do not want to meet the Queen.

Rife – Of great quantity. “She’s got a rife Thyr stash!”
Ringe – A Monster Ranger. Used by Plug Uglies. From the word “orange”.
Royo – Royal Oil, produced by members of the Scare Force.

Scarf – A Monster Ranger. Used by Plug Uglies.
Shed – A permanent tent.
Simp – A simple-minded cad.
Shindig – A Monstro Camp.
Skinwalker – A werewolf.
Snak – A Manling. Used by carnivorous monsters.
Smudge – A Clocktalker mechanic.
Speaking Nines – Crazy, or making little to no sense.
Stitch, Stitcher – A member of the Conjure Guard.
Struggle Buggy – A Police car.
Swag – A fancily dressed person, most often a Monsterologist.

Tela – Short for “Telepath.” Someone with psychic abilities, especially a Psychic Ranger.
Toothtrap – A monster with a big bite.
Tut! – A natural interjection expressing contempt. A term most used by Monsterologists.
Twinner – A biplane.
Thyrie – Magical, odd, or eerie. “I’ve got a thyrie feeling about this…”

Vita – Short for Vitagood, a Monster Medic health tonic.
Vod – A Montalk word for “luck”.

Wick – A smart person, or quick thinker.
Wild, Wilds – Anyplace outside of a city, beyond a camp, or outside of the protective zone of Barto.

Yoke – Yokai, or a Yokai Ranger.

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