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  • Ranger Branch(es)

    Cargo Tigers, Clocktalkers, Conjure Guard, Crows, Dark Librarians, Doom Mimes, Monster Medics, Psychics, Rangers Core, Scare Force, Sea Rangers, Secret Rangers, Signal Rangers, Skull Rangers, Yokai Rangers
  • Order of Obscuria

  • 2017-10-02
  • Favorite Monster(s)

    Good Golem, Minotaur, Iron Golem, Minoton, Klowna
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  • Hi there!

    I run the Monster Rangers (and Steam Crow) with my wife Dawna and Goblin (our son), from our Phoenix, Arizona home-studio.

    I love monsters, Halloween, art, illustration, RPGS, miniatures, building gaming terrain, guitars/basses, storytelling, world-building, collecting toys, movies, and music.

    We started the Rangers in December of 2014; we started Steam Crow in 2005.

  • Phoenix, AZ