There are currently 13 Spirit Badges in this collection.
All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Science Spirit Badge

A badge for Rangers who SCIENCE!

Cursed by Dark Unicorn Badge
Dark Unicorn Badge

The Dark Unicorn Spirit Badge symbolizes the darker side of the Monster Rangers.

Craft Champ Badge
Craft Champ Badge

The¬†Craft Champ Spirit Badge is for Monster Rangers who like to make stuff… which is basically most Monster Rangers.

Crow Guide Spirit Badge
Crow Guide Badge

Crows are said to be able to lead folks back and forth from the Monster World of Monstru.

Cloud Spirit Badge

The Cloud Badge is for all Scouts who look to the sky, and see something more.

Creature Petes Badge
Creature Pete's Pool Care

Creature Pete’s Pool Care badge is for those swampy creatures who love to swim! This virtual badge only comes with the Creature Pete’s t-shirt (online orders only.)

Daniel Beard Badge
Danny Beard

A badge given out personally by Daniel. Don’t ask for it, or you’ll never get it.

Black Bones 1 Badge
Black Bones 1

The Black Bones 1 Badge is for Crows who spend $100 or more at

Crypto Badge

Crypto is the badge for those of us who believe in monsters!

Bad Sun Badge
Bad Sun

A Spirit Badge for those who know the truth about the SUN!

Authority Crow Pin
Authority Pin

Authority Crow Pin – for the hat or sash.

Word Blimp Badge
Word Blimp

Engage in our community here; reply in the forum. Say something. Be something.

Eye Bat Badge
Eye Bat Badge

The Brisk Bat is the basic badge earned by participating in the Monster Rangers forum.