There are currently 106 Spirit Badges in this collection.
All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
Achievement Name Karma Description
Achievement Name Karma Description
Coffee Pot Badge 10

The Coffe Pot Spirit Badge

Feratu Snack Badge 10

The Feratu Snack Spirit Badge

Bear Ghost Badge 10

The Bear Ghost Spirit Badge

Cyclops Badge 10

The Cyclops Spirit Badge

Doublecrow 19 Kickstarter Badge 50

The Doublecrow 19 Kickstarter Spirit Badge

Ghostsmile Spirit Badge 10

The Ghostsmile Spirit Badge

Wolf Lad Merit Badge 20

A badge for Rangers Wolfers!

Candy Corn of Merit Badge 20

A badge for Rangers who know that Halloween is the best holiday of all.

Treat Cat Badge 13

The Treat Cat Spirit Badge

Trick Bat Badge 13

The Trick Bat Spirit Badge

Thank You Badge 20

The Thank You Spirit Badge

Not Today Patch 25

The Not Today Patch

Stompy Emblem Patch 25

A Monster Rangers Stompy Emblem Patch

Krampus Bell Badge 66

The Krampus Bell Spirit Badge.

Bat Spirit Badge 50

The Bat Spirit Badge.

Mind Games Spirit Badge 10

The Mind Games Spirit Badge

Zombie Puppet Spirit Badge 10

The Zombie Spirit Badge.

Skull n Bones Spirit Badge 10

The Skull n Bones Spirit Badge.

Cook Spirit Badge 10

The Cook Spirit Badge.

Monster Ranger Skull Spirit Badge 10

The Monster Rangers Skull Spirit Badge.

Corn Star Spirit Badge 10

The Corn Star Spirit Badge.

Gob Chef Spirit Badge 10

The Gob Chef Spirit Badge.

Chef Minotaur Spirit Badge 10

The Chef Minotaur Spirit Badge.

Doom Cherry Spirit Badge 10

The Doom Cherry Spirit Badge.

Chicken Spirit Badge 10

The Chicken Spirit Badge.

Waffle Spirit Badge 10

The Waffle Spirit Badge.

Skull Bowl Spirit Badge 10

The Skull Bowl Badge.

Cauldron Spirit Badge 10

The Cauldron Badge.

Cursed Spirit Badge 10

The Cursed Badge.

Pie Spirit Badge 10

The Pie Badge.

Red Doublecrow 2018 Spirit Badge 50

The Red Doublecrow 2018 Spirit Badge

Nux Spirit Badge 25

The Nux Badge.

Tiki Spirit Badge 10

A badge for Monster Rangers who TIKI!

Science Spirit Badge 10

A badge for Rangers who SCIENCE!

Taco Brigade Spirit Badge 10

A badge for Rangers who are part of the secret society of Taco eaters.

Nite Owl Spirit Badge 10

A badge for Rangers who like the night.

Pyre Wood Badge 45

Pyre Wood is an earned badge that you get if you bring a full bundle of wood to Monstro Camp.

Monstro Camp 18 Badge 45

The Swampy Badge for our 2018 Monstro Camps

Krampus 2017 Spirit Badge 40

The Krampus 2017 Spirit Badge came with our KRAMPUS COLLECTION 3 Kickstarter.

You Found My Cat Okay 33

The You Found My Cat Okay Spirit Badge is a small reward for folks brave enough to follow our weird flyer here.

Spork Badge 10

The Spork Spirit Badge

Platinum Vampire Badge 17 100

The Platinum Vampire Membership Badge 2017

Golden Owlbear Badge 17 75

Golden Owlbear Membership Badge 2017

Silver Sasquatch Badge 17 50

Silver Sasquatch Spirit Badge

Copper Goblin Badge 17 25

The 2017 Copper Goblin Membership Badge

Do Good in the Woods Core Patch Badge 10

Do Good in the Woods Patch

Scare Force Core Patch Badge 10

The Scare Force Core Patch

Ranger Core Patch Badge 10

A core patch for the Rangers.

White Crow Badge 17 50

The White Crow 2017 Badge is for powerful Monster Rangers who help spread the word.

Lanterna Badge 10

The Lanterna Badge means leadership and FIRE!

Cursed by Dark Unicorn Badge 10

The Dark Unicorn Spirit Badge symbolizes the darker side of the Monster Rangers.

Blessed by Unicorns Badge 10

The Blessed by Unicorns badge probably harbors deep magic.

Saved by Sea Maidens Badge 10

A badge for those who support the Sea Maidens.

Protect Badge 10

The badge about remembering to protect Monsters. But not Monsterologists.

Study Badge 10

The Study Badge is a helpful reminder to Monster Rangers young and old.

Believe Spirit Badge 10

The Believe Spirit Badges if for all Monster Rangers who Believe in Monsters.

Bee Spirit Badge 10

The Bee Badge is for Monster Rangers who love and appreciate bees.

Raccoon Badge 10

The Raccoon badge honors Drunk-n-Raccoon, a handsome and highly-badged Monster Ranger.

We’re Wolf Spirit Badge 10

The We’re Wolf Spirit Badge signifies that you are a Skinwalker Monster Ranger.

Potions Badge 10

The Potions badge is for Monster Rangers who are good at mixing concoctions and potions of many sorts.

SHINDIG 17 Badge 45

The Gorgon Badge for our Monster Camps of 2017

Crow Guide Spirit Badge 10

Crows are said to be able to lead folks back and forth from the Monster World of Monstru.

Kline Redback 1 Badge 20

The Kline Redback VIRTUAL badge comes with the Kline Redback album, “I’m a Monster Too”.

Krampus 2016 Spirit Badge 30

The Krampus 2016 Spirit Badge came with our KRAMPUS COLLECTION 2 Kickstarter.

Conjure Guard Hat Badge 10

The Conjure Guard Hat badge is for fantastic and fanatical Conjure Guards

Halloween Cat Badge 10

The Halloween Cat Spirit Badge is for those Rangers who love Halloween.

Skull Rangers Core Patch Badge 13

The Skull Rangers are a obscure and oft hidden sect of Monster Rangers who serve and aid “Bloodless” creatures of all sorts. This is their official patch.

Dapper Drakuuls Badge 35

Sometimes a Vampire chips a tooth, a Monster doesn’t floss, or a Manling needs to flash some teeth; these faux fangs come in handy. Dapper Drakuul’s is here to help you keep your cool.

Candy Corn of Doom Badge 10

A badge for Rangers who know that Halloween is the best holiday of all.

Gamer Badge 10

This Spirit Badge is for our Monster Ranger Gamers to show their colors!

Baker Badge 10

The Baker badge is for folks who like baked goods.

SHINDIG 16 Badge 45

SHINDIG 16 Spirit Badge is for Rangers who attended our 2016 SHINDIG camp out.

Fan Fest 2015 Badge 10

A Spirit Badge commemorating the 2015 Phoenix Fan Fest

Art Bat Junior Badge 30

The Art Bat Junior Spirit Badge is for collecting small pieces of art, like sketch cards.

Black Bones 2 Badge 200

The Black Bones 2 Badge is for Crows who support our online store with a purchase of $200 or more.

Black Bones 1 Badge 100

The Black Bones 1 Badge is for Crows who spend $100 or more at

Black Bones Basic Badge 15

The Black Bones Spirit Badge is earned by making a purchase of $25 or more at

KlawBerry Talisman Badge 15

The KlawBerry Talisman badge comes with the KlawBerry plushy talisman.

Dark Librarian Badge 99

The Dark Librarian Spirit Badge comes when you purchase a full set of 5 Steam Crow books.

Pocket Ghost Badge 20

The Pocket Ghost is a companion and Badge for Haunt friends.

Card Collector 1 Badge 13

The badge that comes with our Monster ID Card pack.

Imagine8 Badge 10

A spirit badge for those who Imagine8.

Kickstarter 15 Badge 200

The Kickstarter 15 Double Badge is limited edition.

Redventure Badge 10

The Redventure Spirit Badge is for those Rangers who crave an undull life.

Crypto Badge 10

Crypto is the badge for those of us who believe in monsters!

Psychic Scout Badge 10

The Psychic Scout badge is for Monster Scouts who see more than what is readily apparent.

Day of the Dead Badge 10

A Spirit Badge celebrating the Mexican Holiday.

Bad Sun Badge 10

A Spirit Badge for those who know the truth about the SUN!

Super Genius Badge 10

The Super Genius Spirit Badge shows that you’re a smarty!

Nice Dice Badge 20

The Nice Dice Spirit Badge supports the tradition of Monster Rangers fun and games.

Denver Troop Badge 10

The Troop Spirit Badge for Denver, Colorado.

Shout Scout 15 Badge 25

Earn a Shout Scout 15 badge by promoting our 2015 Crow Scouts Kickstarter.

Acolyte Badge 13

The Acolyte is a virtual badge earned by rubbing shoulders with Steam Crow and the Monster Rangers.

Monster Medic Badge 10

A patronage badge for Monster Medics.

Authority Crow Pin 15

Authority Crow Pin – for the hat or sash.

Spy Rangers Lapel Pin 15

Spy Scouts Lapel Pin

Phoenix Troop Badge 10

A Patron badge for our Phoenix Rangers.

Seattle Troop Badge 10

The Patron badge for our Seattle Rangers.

Tucson Troop 10

A patron Troop badge for our Brother and Sister Rangers of Tucson.

WonderCon Watch 2015 Badge 10

A Patronage badge celebrating Alice in Wonderland.

Phoenix Comicon ’15 Badge 10

A patronage badge purchased at PHXCC 2015.

2014 Fan Fest Badge 37

A commemorative badge created for the launch of the Rangers, at the Phoenix Fan Fest 2014.

Dapper Badge 100

Wear your Uniform and show your Colors!

Whistle Ranger Badge 20

The Whistle Rangers badge is earned when one acquires a Ranger’s Whistle.

Core Crow Patch Badge 25

The Core Crow Badge is the master insignia of our order; the other badges nest in beneath it’s wings.

Eye Bat Badge 25

The Brisk Bat is the basic badge earned by participating in the Monster Rangers forum.

There are currently 106 Spirit Badges in this collection.