There are currently 8 Spirit Badges in this collection.
All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Spirit Badge Glory Description
You Found My Cat Okay
You Found My Cat Okay Badge

The You Found My Cat Okay Spirit Badge is a small reward for folks brave enough to follow our weird flyer here.

Dawna Badge
Dawna Badge

The Dawna Spirit Badge is a gift from Dawna, herself.

Scout Art Badge
Ranger Art Badge

A badge that shows that you made a piece of visual arts to share with the Monster Rangers.

Scout Song Badge
Song Scout

The Scout Song badge is for Rangers who write and share a song about the Monster Rangers.

Denver Troop Badge
Denver Troop

The Troop Spirit Badge for Denver, Colorado.

Monstrous Day: Mission 02 Badge
Monstrous Day Badge

Earn this badge by making someone’s day less bad by wishing them a “Monstrous Day.”

Haunted Hand Mission 01 Badge
Haunted Hand

Haunted Hand propaganda badge can be earned by posting fliers around town.

Core Crow Patch Badge
Core Crow

The Core Crow Badge is the master insignia of our order; the other badges nest in beneath it’s wings.