There are currently 16 Spirit Badges in this collection.
All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Rainbow Spirit Badge

A badge to show your PRIDE.

Breakfast Spirit Badge

A badge for folks who love breakfast as much as Daniel does!

Craft Champ Spirit Badge
Craft Champ Badge

The Craft Champ Spirit Badge is for Monster Rangers who like to make stuff… which is basically most Monster Rangers.

Welcome Skull Spirit Badge
Welcome Skull

The Welcome Skull Spirit Badge is for new Monster Rangers, recruited with the code from our tri-fold brochure.

Dapper Drakuuls Spirit Badge
Dapper Drakuul

Sometimes a Vampire chips a tooth, a Monster doesn’t floss, or a Manling needs to flash some teeth; these faux fangs come in handy. Dapper Drakuul’s is here to help you keep your cool.

Candy Corn of Doom Spirit Badge
Candy Corn of Doom

A badge for Rangers who know that Halloween is the best holiday of all.

Baker Spirit Badge
Baker Badge

The Baker badge is for folks who like baked goods.

Pizza Paladin Spirit Badge
Pizza Paliden

A patron badge for the Pizza warrior in you!

Black Bones 1 Spirit Badge
Black Bones 1

The Black Bones 1 Badge is for Crows who spend $100 or more at

Black Bones Basic Spirit Badge
Black Bones Zero

The Black Bones Spirit Badge is earned by making a purchase of $25 or more at

Crypto Spirit Badge

Crypto is the badge for those of us who believe in monsters!

Super Genius Spirit Badge
Super Genius

The Super Genius Spirit Badge shows that you’re a smarty!

Villain Spirit Badge
Villain Badge

A Patron badge for those who are just a little dangerous.

Print Collector 4 Spirit Badge
Print Collector 4

A badge awarded to folks who buy 4 of our large prints at once. You have to ask for it. While supplies last.

Cephalobadge Spirit Badge
Badge Cephalo

Behold the Cephalobadge from the frothy deep sea!

Whistle Ranger Spirit Badge
Whistle Rangers Badge

The Whistle Rangers badge is earned when one acquires a Ranger’s Whistle.